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Dance the Rumba

Alegria Dance Centre is happy to bring you Dance the Rumba! An easy and effective tool for learning how to dance the International style of the Rumba. ...

Discontinued App


Alegria Dance Centre is happy to bring you Dance the Rumba! An easy and effective tool for learning how to dance the International style of the Rumba. Download many free Video Tutorials straight onto your device for easy playback, or, purchase some of the In-App dance steps to further your knowledge! Dance the Rumba is great for the leaders and followers as we have video tutorials for all to learn your part in this beautiful dance of love :-) - Effective & Easy to learn Video Tutorials - HD quality Video's with Clear Instruction - Professional Instructor with over 25 years in the Industry - Dance Steps documented for reading and study - Rumba Music for you to dance to. Dance the Rumba is a Premium Learn to Dance Application for both iPhone & iPad. You too can dance like no one's watching and gather the confidence to hit the floor and Dance the Rumba! Have you always wanted to learn how to dance the International style of Rumba? Or, do you want to fine tune your technical skill in this beautiful dance? Dance the Rumba Includes: - 53 Individual Video Tutorials 
- Learn to count to Rumba Music
 - Learn the Body Positions in Basic Rumba Steps - Learn 10 Rumba Step Patterns
 - Leaders Foot Positions Described & Demonstrated - Followers Foot Positions Described & Demonstrated - Technical Tips Described & Demonstrated - Demonstrations for each Step to Music with counts - 3 Basic Rumba routines to learn - Comprehensive Written Rumba Theory 
- Rumba Music to listen and dance to 
- Joy & Happiness Guaranteed! Dance the Rumba is specifically designed to help you learn the International style of Rumba, otherwise known as the dance of love, or the Cuban Rumba. The Rumba can be danced socially with a partner or an instructor. It can be danced at parties or events like a wedding or even as your own wedding dance! Whilst others like to dance the Rumba at a more serious level within elite Dancesport competitions. We've designed the most comprehensive dance application on the market today with 53 individual video tutorials, an extensive list of written Rumba theory and some Rumba music for you to listen and dance to. Designed and Released by Justin Moulton, Owner/Director of Alegria Dance Centre in Melbourne, Australia. A championship level Latin American Dancesport Competitor with the vision to allow people the opportunity to learn to dance in the comfort of their own home, at a very low cost. In Spanish, Alegria simply means happiness, joy, contentment and satisfaction! We hope that your experience with Dance the Rumba - International Rumba is exactly that.


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