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**Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award** **Recommended by Parents' Choice** Learn about morning and bedtime routines with PBS KIDS’ Daniel ...

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**Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award** **Recommended by Parents' Choice** Learn about morning and bedtime routines with PBS KIDS’ Daniel Tiger. Help Daniel get ready for school in the morning and for bed at night through imaginative play and songs. Features: • 8 games about morning and nighttime routines • Sing-along songs that help make routines familiar and fun • A musical timer to help keep routines on-track GOOD MORNING GAMES Daniel Tiger has lots to do to get ready before Trolley comes to take him to school! Get Dressed: Help Daniel get dressed in his favorite red sweater. Then imagine with Daniel that his sweater is a “Super Daniel” costume. Breakfast: Help set the table as Daniel gets ready for breakfast. Have fun topping a pancake and then imagining that the pancake can dance! Brush Teeth: Help Daniel brush his teeth by moving your finger back and forth. Shoe Time: Choose a pair of shoes for Daniel to wear and help him tie them. Then imagine that his shoes can make him jump super high. GOOD NIGHT GAMES Time for Daniel Tiger to get ready for bed! Bath time: Help Daniel wash up before bedtime and pop silly soap bubbles together. Brush Teeth: It’s time to brush Daniel’s teeth again! Pajama Time: Choose pajamas for Daniel to wear and color a pair of make-believe pajamas for him. Bedtime Story: Guide Daniel through the clouds as his mom sings a calming bedtime song. SONGS Play the Good Morning and Good Night songs at any time to reinforce each routine. TIMER Use the built-in timer for some of your family’s morning and bedtime routines to help you and your child stay on task. The timer can be used to help children know how long they should brush their teeth. ABOUT Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night is based on the hit PBS KIDS series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, produced by The Fred Rogers Company. The app is designed to extend the series’ social-emotional curriculum, helping kids practice important daily routines. For more fun with Daniel visit pbskids.org/daniel


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 458.18 MB


Price: 2,77 €

Developed by PBS KIDS

Day of release: 2013-08-29

Recommended age: 4+

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