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Danny Dimple Dares to Dream

Kids will fall in love with 'Danny Dimple Dares to Dream' - An Exciting NEW hand illustrated Kids Book App! Danny Dimple loves soccer, more importantly ...

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Kids will fall in love with 'Danny Dimple Dares to Dream' - An Exciting NEW hand illustrated Kids Book App! Danny Dimple loves soccer, more importantly though, he inspires all kids to Dream BIG and Go For It! NARRATION + SOUNDTRACKS produced by - Jeremy Fowler (Lead singer, New Empire). * Top 5 in the Book App Store (Top Paid Book Apps!) - APP PROMO VIDEO ... www.btce.com.au KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: - Rhyming and original story! - 'Read to me' (English) narration by Jeremy Fowler (Lead singer - New Empire). - Follow along & learn with highlighted story words. - Read myself option. - Vibrantly illustrated artwork. - Interactive touch screen characters & objects! - Original 'catchy' music score with fun sound effects. DANNY DIMPLE DARES TO DREAM is for all the BIG DREAMERS that are 4+ MORE ABOUT DANNY DIMPLE: Take a trip down memory lane yourself, you remember don't you? Growing up and having big dreams! As I read my little boy stories every night at bedtime, I discovered that many of them, though fun and imaginative, were at the same time, unrealistic and not achievable for him, so, I started to make stories up about the things he could relate to - about the things he loved. I became inspired to write a story that I could share with my kids that they can, with hard work, practise and fun, strive to be all they wanted to be! Because as a Dad, I want nothing more than for my kids to be all that they can be, given the opportunity. 'Danny Dimple' aims to inspire kids on to their own big dreams, that they can actually achieve them if they put their hearts & minds to it, even if they encounter trials along the way. Danny knows that it's possible when you work hard and go for it! Join Danny (and his cute dog, Choc Bud) as they venture into the backyard to practise his soccer skills, dreaming about becoming a famous soccer star one day. Like so many kids dreams, whatever they are, they often begin at home in the backyard ... for this is where things start to get really exciting for Danny! PARENT NOTICE ABOUT THIS APP - Does not collect or share any user's personal information. - Does not contain any advertising. - Does not contain any internal App purchasing for added content. - Has a link to a company website, a link to an email address, and a link to a social media page. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Please contact us at: hello@dannydimple.com ... We'd love to hear from you! If you have experienced any problems, please note your device version and iOS version too.


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