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Dark Prophecy

★★ #5 in Top Paid Books★★ ★★ #3 in Top Grossing Books ★★ ★★ Named "New & Notable" by iTunes ★★ ★★ #1 Adult "Non-Children'" Book App★★ Level 26: Dark ...

Discontinued App


★★ #5 in Top Paid Books★★ ★★ #3 in Top Grossing Books ★★ ★★ Named "New & Notable" by iTunes ★★ ★★ #1 Adult "Non-Children'" Book App★★ Level 26: Dark Prophecy for the iPad is a thrilling, interactive 400 page e-book written by CSI Creator, Anthony Zuiker, and designed and developed by Hooray. This edge-of-your-seat reading experience incorporates an hour long film, directed by Zuiker which gives readers a deeper understanding of the e-book’s character Steve Dark. The movie is broken up into 11 cyber-bridges used in the application to create an engaging, immersive experience that moves readers from passages in the book to the ‘cyber-bridge’ videos. Readers also interact with the book as they partner with Steve Dark to collect character bios and uncover evidence unlocked as they read to catch the villain. *IMPORTANT:* If you are experiencing issues with missing page data, please send detailed information to the following support forum: http://www.level26.com/forum/thread/page-issues-support-group-thread Praise for the Level 26 Dark Prophecy app: ★ “DARK PROPHECY IS SIMPLY PUT, THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO APP BOOKS SINCE ALICE FOR THE IPAD AND THE ELEMENTS.” — Clevermonkey.blogspot.com ★ “OF ALL THE IBOOKS I’VE TRIED, NONE HAVE PROVIDED SUCH A SUPERB EXPERIENCE AS DARK PROPHECY.” — Thenextweb.com ★ “HERE’S TO HOPING MORE APPS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE IPAD IN WAYS LIKE THIS. LIKE IT OR NOT, IT COULD BECOME THE FUTURE OF BOOKS OF ALL KIND.” — Padvance.com ★ “ DARK PROPHECY IS ONE OF A KIND IPAD NOVEL. THE BOOK IS JUST AMAZING AND I AM PRETTY SURE THIS SHOULD SET THE STANDARDS FOR ANYONE RELEASING THEIR IPAD BOOKS ON THE APP STORE.” — iPadarena.com ★ “RESEMBLING THE THRILLERS OF THOMAS HARRIS AND JEFF LINDSAY…COULD CHANGE THE FUTURE OF PUBLISHING WITH ITS INTERACTIVE CONTENT.”— Library Journal Features: • Full version of the book Dark Prophecy, available in three modes: Traditional - Like any eBook this version is text only and does not include the cyber-bridges. Digi-Novel - Containing both text and live-action motion picture cyber-bridges integrated into the reading experience, this option gives you a richer, more immersive experience. Ultimate Digi-novel - Giving you everything the ‘Digi-novel’ has to offer, this option is the ultimate cross-platform experience. While consuming the text and cyber-bridges, this option allows you to collect character bios and evidence as you work alongside Steve Dark to catch the Tarot Card Killer. • The one-hour ‘cyber-bridge’ film, written and directed by Anthony E. Zuiker, that takes you deeper into the character of Steve Dark • Interactive Tarot Cards • Character Bios and Photos • Page effects • Collect evidence and listen to Steve Dark’s analysis • Behind the scenes videos on the making of Dark Prophecy • An Icon and a Creator: An interview with Anthony E. Zuiker and Ann-Margret • Photo Gallery • Customizable text and audio • Starring: Dan Buran, Justine Bateman and Michael Ironside • Published by Dutton • Built by Hooray, http://www.hooraysociety.com About Level 26: Dark Prophecy: From the creator of the blockbuster CSI franchise, Anthony Zuiker, comes Dark Prophecy the second book in the worldwide best-selling Level 26 series. The franchise features Steve Dark as the ultimate crime-scene tactician on the tail of the next embodiment of evil - the Tarot Card Killer. More information on the Level 26 series is available at www.level26.com. About Hooray: Founded in 2010, Hooray is a Los Angeles-based innovation think tank, specializing in mobile application and product development. The firm works with publishers, brands, agencies and individuals to create immersive and highly interactive content that creates momentous and engaging experiences. For more information please visit www.hooraysociety.com.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 982.63 MB


Price: 9,99 €

Developed by Dare to Pass, Inc.

Day of release: 2011-02-15

Recommended age: 12+

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