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Dating & Seduction Bible

The last dating guide you will ever need! Are you tired of being rejected, sad and alone? Are you sick of feeling frustrated in your quest for love? ...

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The last dating guide you will ever need! Are you tired of being rejected, sad and alone? Are you sick of feeling frustrated in your quest for love? Have you tried everything and just about ready to give up on love? If this sounds like you, then you cannot afford to go past our Dating and Seduction Bible. Maybe you’re tired of wasting your time on dead-end relationships. Maybe you’ve been struggling to get back into the game with no success. Maybe you’ve been hurt one too many times and don’t know if you can handle another round. The game of love is a tricky one to play well, and it can be a very lonely world out there. But don’t give up hope! With the Dating and Seduction Bible, you will discover the skills to help you rise above the rest and find real love. Full of solid, honest and practical advice, the Dating and Seduction Bible provides solutions to the most heart-wrenching dating problems. It’s realistic in its approach to love and will give you the tools to tackle any problem you’ve ever had when it comes to romance. Succinct and easy-to-read, the Dating and Seduction Bible is divided into 9 simple steps: 1.The Thrill of the Hunt – learn how to play the game of love and win! 2.The Tools of Flirting – tips for making eye contact, reading body language, making conversation and so much more! 3.Landing that First Date – discover your true potential as dating material and build the confidence to win the attention of your ideal partner 4.The Language of Seduction – learn the tools that will set you apart from the rest and make you irresistible to the opposite sex 5.Romance in Cyberspace – all the information you’ll need to find on the web including tips on how to find the best online dating site for you and make your profile stand out 6.Love From Your iPhone – you’ve got the technology, so why not learn how to make the most of it?! 7.Safe Online Dating – the best advice on how to stay secure and avoid online predators 8.Keeping the Excitement Alive – you’ve found your perfect match, so now learn the best tricks to make it last 9.From Romance to Intimacy – this last chapter will help you ease into the final stages and keep your love special As you can see, this is not like any other dating guide available on the market! The Dating and Seduction Bible takes your search for love straight into the 21st century. So what are you waiting for? Stop searching and take control of your romantic destiny today with the Dating and Seduction Bible.


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