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---------- The "Day by Day Inspiration" calendar is much more functional now for iPhone and iPad in universal mode. ---------- Each day a thought. Each ...

Discontinued App


---------- The "Day by Day Inspiration" calendar is much more functional now for iPhone and iPad in universal mode. ---------- Each day a thought. Each day, an idea. Each day, a creative change in our lives. Each day, an improvement. So we can change our lives completely! With an idea, a change in a day! Just imagine: 365 improvements over the year, in our thinking, in the attitude we have towards our life and work, in our relationships with others and with ourself. This is the only way to become a better person, e better shelf. We ourselves,have to make the necessary changes within us, without expecting something from somewhere outside, passively and fatally. We can change ourselves. Only then can we change the world. This is the purpose of this "diary". Not just to know what the day is, what month and what year. The point is to decide today what will we do for our own life and work. Read each day's message, connect it with your life and work and make those choices will lead you where you want to go! Good luck. You can send any message to your friends in Twitter, Facebook, email address and other social networks, for help them in their efforts. Motivate them to download the application on their iPhone and do the same to their friends. The next version will make you able to send the messages on Facebook. In version 1.2, there is a new capability and space so you can write down, how the message of the day will improve your life and your work, how it motivates you to make changes in your life and work, what new attitudes you decide to have and how more positively you can face the world. Every year and for your entire life, you can review your notes of the past years day and evaluate you Personal Improvement. Version 1.2 is in two languages : English and Greek. The writer: Mr. Panagiotis G. Regoukos is Business Consultant, Seminar Conductor, Author and psychologist and lives in Greece. For over 20 years trains personally and professionally thousands of people who want to become better in life and work with ideas based on ancient Greek philosophy and the Individual Psychology of A. Adler, along with the latest ideas in marketing and business administration. He advices immediately and very precise, suggests practical steps and solutions where appears to be no. You can reach him at info@pregoukos.gr. He by himshelf replies to all messages.


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