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Getting out of debt made easy. Pay off your debts with Debt Snowball method and save! Easy sync and iPad/iPhone versions combined in one app! FEATURED ...

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Getting out of debt made easy. Pay off your debts with Debt Snowball method and save! Easy sync and iPad/iPhone versions combined in one app! FEATURED BY APPLE in “NEW AND NOTEWORTHY” Debt Control helps you organize, manage and pay off your debts. Primarily, it includes tools to help you plan a strategy and analyze the results of using the Debt Snowball method, which is the debt-clearing model recommended by leading debt advisors. The principle of the Debt Snowball method is to focus on one debt at a time and to pay as much as you can earn or save toward that one creditor to get the debt gone, while making only minimum payments to all your other creditors. Every time one of the debts is attacked you'll feel even more motivated to reach the long-desired goal - to become debt free! The thankful users give comments: "Great app for keeping on target with paying down debt." "Keeps track of my debt and gives me an idea of how long before being debt free!" DEBTS - One clear screen to manage all your debts (credit cards, loans and mortgages). - Debt Free Date is calculated automatically. - Individual Pay Off Date is displayed under each of your debts. - Debts order can be rearranged. PAYMENTS - Amortization schedule - Payment Due Date Notifications - One Tap to enter a payment - Payments with custom amounts - Track expenses which affect your credit card balance. - Built-in calculator PAY OFF STRATEGIES - SNOWBALL METHOD Advisers recommend to start paying off your debts from the one with the lowest balance to the one with the highest balance, regardless of interest rate. Choose different strategies before start to see how your Debt Free Date and Total Interest Amount will be affected. - Highest interest rate - Lowest balance - Highest balance - Custom order LOAN PARAMETERS - Fixed and ARM Interest rate - Monthly and Daily Interest Accrual - Term in Years and Months - Minimum Payment in “$” and “%” REPORTS - Amortization schedule (Scheduled payments, Paid, All) - Interactive 3D Pie Chart diagram shows the structure of your remaining debt from various angles (Principle, Interest, Monthly Payment, Savings). - Remaining Balance report lets you model Snowball Pay Off scenario and view exactly how it would affect your situation. - Summary overview widget with Debt Free Date calculated automatically. SYNC AND DATA: - iCloud sync for your iPhone and iPad - Your data is stored safely in the Cloud - PIN-protected data - Export to email Important! In the free version you can input only one debt and 3 payments. User Guide - http://ibearsoft.com/debt-hd/ Feedback & Support - http://ibearsoft.com/help SUMMARY Debt Control is a well thought out app that will help you plan a good strategy, see progress and keep going to your financial freedom. Start now! ►►


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