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DecisionMaker Pro will help you make tough decision easy and fun! Which computer you should buy? What college you should choose? Can't make your mind ...

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DecisionMaker Pro will help you make tough decision easy and fun! Which computer you should buy? What college you should choose? Can't make your mind over the restaurant for the coming anniversary? Let DecisionMaker Pro help you make the right decision Using "Systematic Decision Making" methodology, DecisionMaker Pro let you start a decision, setup criteria and assert all respective choices in an objective way. You'll be surprise to see that, with the help of a proper tool, how easy making a decision can be when your mind work systematically. Don't create everything from scratch Sometime, the hardest part of making a decision is to getting on the first step. With DecisionMaker Pro, we already provide you with a jump-start. Create your decision from one of the predefined general decisions templates, or personally craft new decision of your own. Manual? What manual? Like making a weighty decision is not a tough job enough? Why burdened yourself with hours of reading manual in order to use a decision-making app that suppose to make your life easier? DecisionMaker Pro let you get instantly right on track with the easy, clean and intuitive interface. No manual needed. Don't overlook that risk! Your selected choice sound too good to be true? Well, sometime because it is! It's always unwise to only examine your choices' performance against each criteria without clearly understand the risk if it really being chose. Unlike others decision-making app, DecisionMaker Pro forcefully make you to assert the risk of all your choices. What's the worst could happen if you really choose it? How big is the chance it could happen? And if it really did happen, how bad is the impact? Share your decision Want to let your friend know that you've finally able to pick the right laptop for him? That's easy. With DecisionMaker Pro, sharing your decision result is a just matter of one finger tap. Now, let's have fun making your next decision! Features - Systematic Decision Making by weighted-score methodology. - 10 predefine general-decision templates. - Distinguish your criteria between a "must have" (mandatory) or "nice to have". - Tab, swipe and slide to rate your choice. No overly sophisticated input. - Auto-save if your progress is interrupted by phone call, SMS, etc. - Export decision result (with breakdown score) via email.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 391.39 KB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by MASAKA Inc.

Day of release: 2010-02-8

Recommended age: 4+

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