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Decorate Alphabets

The Decorating Alphabets app has been created to help develop your child`s vocabulary skills while also developing their creative skills. Moreover, ...

Discontinued App


The Decorating Alphabets app has been created to help develop your child’s vocabulary skills while also developing their creative skills. Moreover, the app will help your child’s memory as they learn new words and associate them with an array of bright, colorful and fun images. The app has been developed to make education and learning fun. It allows your child to learn in an interactive way, taking the boredom out of learning new words and phrases. Colorful alphabet letters - 52 of them in total - make learning more exciting than it has ever been before. The new app is also a great way of spending quality time with your child, allowing you to watch your child as they have fun learning new words and as they react to the bright images. Decorating Alphabets will allow your child to develop the self confidence that inevitably comes with learning new skills. This was developed by Minnie Hung. Minnie is from Taiwan and has two children of her own. She gave up her job as a company manager to allow her to spend time with her children. As a mother she understands the learning behavior of children and is dedicated to making learning fun and easy for child, hence the idea for Decorating Alphabets was born. What could be better than having an educational app, that is fun for both you and your child, and that will take out the pressure of learning new words and new skills? This app really solves the problem of education being thought of as dull or difficult. In the app, the letters are in both uppercase and lowercase and they are illustrated with bright and eye catching images such as buttons, marbles, fruit, leaves, balls, shapes etc. Through the app, children and their parents are able to interact with the games allowing the child to learn as they go. This app really has been designed to take the boredom out of learning new words and to make the whole process fun, exciting and something that both you and your child can look forward to. Learning doesn’t have to be dull with Decorating Alphabets to help your child build their skills. The main functions of Decorating Alphabets are: •Children can have fun by clicking on the images of the cute animals and playing tunes •52 letters covering all of the alphabet, one set is in upper case and the other set is in lower case •Children are able to reshape the letters and then read out the English word •Children can interact with cute and colorful creature’s creations while they spell learn the alphabet. Children can zoom in and zoom out; they can also rotate them and click on them. •Option to switch to different scenes, meaning your child never gets bored and can change scenes whenever they want to give them something different to view, which means the game will always be fun for your child •Sing songs. Let your child develop their musical ability as they sing along with the app •Puzzle games allow your child to develop their learning skills even further with the vocabulary mapping game. The game allows children to improve their image recognition and to improve their memory The app guarantees that learning can always be fun, and your child no longer needs to feel the pressure when it comes to learning new words. This app has been developed to make learning easier for your child without and it also makes it fun for the parent. Learning new words and new skills can be especially frustrating for children, but this app changes all of that and makes learning a relaxed experience for both the child and parent. The app takes advantage of new technology to make education something that your child can look forward to. No longer will a child feel intimated by the challenge of learning new words or phrases. With Decorating Alphabets, your child can learn easily with this intuitive, well developed, beautiful designed app. As a MOMs with Apps member,we follow the "Know What's inside" best practices for kids' apps. http://momswithapps.com/


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Version: 1.1

Size: 30.65 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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