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******* FREE - All animations now come with a Voice Over narration. Dental Patient Education is an animation based patient education app for dental ...

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******* FREE - All animations now come with a Voice Over narration. Dental Patient Education is an animation based patient education app for dental professionals to effectively communicate dental conditions and treatments to their patients. Developed in collaboration with Dr Brian Davey DDS. Want a test run? Why not try our FREE version, also available in the app store Also, to see some MORE sample animations you can visit our website via the "Dental Patient Education Website" link. This dynamic app can also be used as an anatomic reference tool that can serve as a useful reference guide. ANIMATIONS: (All animations now come with a Voice Over narration) Included within the app are over 190 beautifully detailed animations that cover a variety of conditions and treatments under the following headings: Diagnostic (9) Prevention (9) Conditions (43) - 20 Prosthodontic - 2 Endodontic - 9 Orthodontic - 5 Periodontic - 7 Oral Surgery Treatments (137) - 84 Prosthodontic - 6 Endodontic - 25 Orthodontic - 18 Periodontic - 4 Oral Surgery ****For a full list of animations available please visit the website via the "Dental Patient Education Support" link****  A handy search feature allows users to easily find animations in each category. ANATOMY: The anatomical reference tool provides 360 degree views of the lower jaw and allows users to peel down layers to reveal muscles, blood vessels, facial nerves and skeletal structures. Users can also view each type of tooth individually -- with cross sections and superior and inferior views. Additionally, each pinned structure includes detailed descriptions and audio pronunciations.  This section also contains media highlighting muscle movement and joint functions. MORE FROM 3D4MEDICAL: - Heart Pro III - Interactive Cardiology - Brain & Nervous System Pro III - Interactive Neuroanatomy - Skeletal System Pro III - Interactive Osteology - Spine Pro III - Interactive Chiropractic App - Orthopedic Patient Education - Interactive Orthopedics - Specialized Body Region Apps OTHER 3D4MEDICAL APPS ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE HEALTH & FITNESS CATEGORY ON THE APP STORE: - iMuscle - Workout aid and anatomical reference - iYoga Premium - Ground breaking motion capture yoga app 3D4MEDICAL'S COMMITMENT: We take pride in our apps at 3D4Medical and continually strive to engage with our customers. We have consistently listened to our users and upgraded out apps continually and throughout.

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