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The executive coach is a new adviser, who will prepare for staff meetings facilitated. Ten key situations from the everyday leaders are recognized and ...

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The executive coach is a new adviser, who will prepare for staff meetings facilitated. Ten key situations from the everyday leaders are recognized and their use clearly compressed. Guidelines to provide guidance and advice to `` dos and don'ts for securing a good and structured implementation. Together with Bernadette have habil Busgen, independent consultant for human resources and organizational development, Lübeck, and Dr.. Phil Klaus Gramann, psychologist and Procject Scientist, University of California, San Diego, two experienced professionals to the manager coach developed. The executive coach has summarizes the characteristics of a 'cheat sheet', the important tips and recommendations concisely to 10 double-sided cards. So you can see resume 'at a glance' prepared and trained seminar content and respond situationsadäquat without rolling thick books or passages in the literature to highlight it. The 10 situations: LOB seem right to praise once to be relatively simple; 
 If in addition to the motivation of the employee but also the development will be targeted support, then there are a few important things to consider when to praise. CORRECTION: This is about the linguistic nattiness, in the case to criticize, but to the employees while maintaining an appreciative and open attitude. CRITICISM criticism calls are i.d.R. only be conducted if a first correction was not successful, here are a clarification of the situation and consequences in the foreground. DELEGATION The `O` A, and a good leader is the delegation carried out correctly it increases the motivation of employees and also a discharge of the supervisor. JAHRESGESPRÄCH 1: In i.d.R. annual employee reviews, managers often find themselves confronted with special situations. A difficult situation, as their professional approach is discussed here to provide emotional reactions of the employee dar. Even here, in addition, the use of any professional respect and open communication is very important. JAHRESGESPRÄCH 2: Here is discussed how to deal with initially false targets. It is the clarification of a good process in the center. JAHRESGESPRÄCH 3: This is the situation around the "classics" if both parties have a different perception and evaluation of things. TEAM MEETING 1: Preparation - Here there is an answer to the question, "what must be considered in advance so that a team meeting can be effectively implemented?" TEAM MEETING 2: Implementation - There are some indications that facilitate the management and moderation and thus the achievement of objectives. CRITICAL NOTICE: Often executives are in the uncomfortable situation, give notices on to their employees, even if they have not decided. The aim is to find a balance between a factual statement of the facts and an emotional involvement. The executive coach helps the person in charge to make quick fit again and get ready even in difficult personal conversations. Nevertheless, these practical assistance does not replace basic training on leadership, or communication. It is rather a very practical support to reactivate a forgotten and structuring existing knowledge. To whom the cards a little too compressed, which has the possibility of an information button yet learn more explanations, background and anything governance models. LANGUAGES: German


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