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The successful DT App has been split into individual subjects so you can learn and revise the subject of your choice at a fantastic price. The application ...

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The successful DT App has been split into individual subjects so you can learn and revise the subject of your choice at a fantastic price. The application includes information and revision quizzes for Graphic Products as well as general guidance for coursework and controlled assessment tasks. The app includes information and quizzes on the following topics: Joining Materials: Sticking and Fixing Compliant Materials, Cutting Tools for Graphics Adhesives, Adhesive Selector Making Processes: Vinyl Cutting, Jigs, Abrasives, Drilling, Laser Cutting, Sawing, Line Bending, Injection Moulding, Vacuum Forming, Calendering, Embossing Graphic Design: Graphic Identity, Advertising and Point of Sale Displays, Colour, Typography, Drawing Equipment, ICT in Design, Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, Design Methods Graphic Designers: Harry Beck, Alberto Alessi, Jock Kinnier & Margaret Calvert, Wally Olins, Robert Sabuda and David Carson. Materials: Composite Materials, Thermo Plastics, Thermo Setting Plastics, Smart Materials, Modern Materials, Man Made Board, Material Properties, Elastomers, Identifying Plastics, Plastic Additives, Biodegradable Plastics, Printing Methods, Paper And Card, Finishing Metals, Finishing Woods, Finishing Plastics 

Industrial Processes: Production Scales, Project Planning, Automation, Market Awareness, Health And Safety, Product Maintenance, Legislation, Moral And Cultural Awareness, Sustainability, Environmental, Energy Sources, Social Issues, Safety Marks, Systems Designing: Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, ICT In Design, Design Methods, Product Evaluation Packaging:
 Functions of Packaging, Box Nets, Example Nets, Labelling, Types of Packaging, Manufacturing Packaging Drawing Techniques: First Angle Projection, Third Angle Projection, Exploded and Cross Section Views, Drawing a Circle & Ellipse, Oblique Drawing, Isometric Grid and Isometric Drawing, 
Two Point Perspective, One Point Perspective, Contouring, Crating Quizzes: CAD Advantages Questions, Packaging Quiz, Vac Forming Stages Quiz, Joining Materials Quiz, Material Finishes Quiz, Product Design Fundamentals and Basics, Packaging 
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Day of release: 2011-05-2

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