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Diabetes & Endocrinology (Understanding Disease Series) Focus Apps

Gain a complete understanding of diseases and disorders of the Endocrine System (primarily Diabetes) as Focus Apps takes you on an amazing animated journey ...

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Gain a complete understanding of diseases and disorders of the Endocrine System (primarily Diabetes) as Focus Apps takes you on an amazing animated journey through the human body. Medically accurate animated videos break down complex health conditions with exceptional clarity. Enjoy this exciting new way to understand (and demonstrate) what takes place within the human body. - Understanding Disease: Diabetes & Endocrinology is recommended by top U.S.-licensed doctors on HealthTap. - Some of the world’s leading doctors have given Understanding Disease: Diabetes & Endocrinology a seal of approval on HealthTap and are recommending it to people everywhere! Explore the functioning of the Endocrine System during Diabetes, hormones involved, their signaling pathway, regulation of hormone production and release, phases of disease development, symptoms, diagnoses, treatments/therapies, techniques (including lifestyle changes), procedures and risks. •Makes accurate health and medical information more accessible than ever •Enables visual demonstration of complex conditions to patients, family members & students •Provides clear animated tour of the cellular world, metabolism and body systems •Completely lays bare chronic illness/disease, therapies, techniques and procedures •Increases medical understanding through simple explanations of complex medical concepts •Utilizes the best medium (audio/visual) for understanding medical science •Developed in conjunction with internationally-recognized leaders and experts in medicine User Reviews: "This is a good program, I can use for my presentation at my university. Thanks"-- User Review “Nice application!” "-- User Review “Excellent application and useful for the medical Community.” "-- User Review “Excellent” "-- User Review "What you offer allows those with lower literacy and numeracy to fairly easily understand concepts they can't comprehend when they read traditional textbooks. Aged care is a huge growth area in countries such as the U.S and Australia. We are desperate for any resources to enable us to educate assistant nurses. They are often people who speak English as a second language or who have little education. Traditional textbooks and nursing videos really aren't suitable. I spend a lot of time searching for anything that will bring the curriculum to life…Focus Apps, …are perfect for my students." -- Teacher Review App Features: iPhone /iPod/iPad: •Medically accurate animated videos •Once downloaded, view at any time without Internet connection •Summary of video highlights •Written transcripts w/medical terms linked to additional resources •Notes section for every major subject covered in videos Additional Features on iPad: •Draw on videos to highlight areas for discussion Application Topics: •Diabetic Retinopathy •Insulin Resistance •Diabetes •DPP-IV Inhibitors •Type 2 Diabetes •Obesity •Metabolic Syndrome NOTE: Free app displays short preview videos only. Paid app displays full-length videos. Focus Medica Clients: Boehringer International, Roche, MSD, Norgine, Novartis, Nycomed, Sanofi Pasteur, Otsuka, Dr. Reddy’s, Ranbaxy, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., Wyeth, Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals, Allergan, Schering-Plough, Banyu, Cipla, Glenmark, Zydus, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Bayer, Astra-Zeneca, Piramal Healthcare, Wockhardt, Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Lilly, Torrent. DISCLAIMER: The information provided through this application is only intended to be informative and should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice. There may be differences in the generic names and licensed indications for pharmaceutical drugs mentioned in this presentation depending on your global location. Please be sure to check with your physician for the licensed indication and generic drug name in your country.


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