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DiaryCentral is the only App of its kind. It will turn your School into a community. DiaryCentral will help Students, teachers and parents communicate ...

Discontinued App


DiaryCentral is the only App of its kind. It will turn your School into a community. DiaryCentral will help Students, teachers and parents communicate more efficiently, manage assignments and organise every aspect of their lives. Prepare students for life after school by teaching them the organisational skills needed in business. PROMO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJyIBsZ8urw Features BULLETIN BOARD •Instant message people within your school community (e.g. send out a school wide announcement. Keep the school community up to date. Teachers & parents can work closer together) •Receive News Feeds from you Facebook account. •Post on your Facebook wall. WHATS ON (What’s happening around me) •Bring all your calendars together. Connect School, business, social group or any other type of calendar. •Link Facebook events. •TIP: swipe (left to right) an event from one of these calendars in WHATS ON to move it to your schedule. ASSIGNMENTS •Completely plan out Assignments •Break them down to bite size pieces automatically placing each task into your task list. •Once you have planned when you will complete each task you can rest easy. •As each task surfaces in your task list and you complete it, you can be confident that the overall assignment will be completed on time. •Critical Red Bar – set your assignment to show a red bar when completion time is imminent. Set to 3 days, 1 week or 2 weeks. SCHEDULE (What I’m doing) •Multiple timetable integration •Enter new appointments •If there is an event from one of your linked calendars in WHATS ON that you want to attend you can easily move that event into your SCHEDULE. •Are all your appointments made in another calendar such as Google or Outlook? Link this calendar to your SCHEDULE. •Schedule events to repeat. •Swipe an event to CHECKIN on Facebook, Edit or Delete. •Weekly & Monthly View. NOTES •Just like making notes in a traditional diary only better. •Type or Scribble •File your notes into folders •Forward plan when you will refer to a note •Preview your notes •Swipe a note to Edit or Delete TASKS •Enter New Tasks •Manage TASKS (bite size pieces) from your ASSIGNMENTS •Manage TASKS from NOTES •Prioritise (ABC) •Change the Status (New, In progress, Completed, Deleted) CONTENT BUILDER •Through the web version add your own content •Copy & past documents •Document editing •Attach files including documents, pictures & videos •View content you have added in myCloud •View content that has been added by communities you belong to in myCommunities COMMUNITIES •Create your own community online (a community is any group or organisation, including schools, where all the members of that community are connected through the DiaryCentral App) •The community can add their own content e.g. newsletter, study or reading material •Make available the school calendar and student timetables •Ability to be part of more than one community CUSTOMISE •Replace the DiaryCentral logo with your own •Change colour combinations to suit your school •Add your own background image •Colour coding. There are 5 colours used throughout the App so that you can categorise events, tasks, notes, assignments & calendars. Allocate a different colour to different aspects of your life. COMMUNITY CUSTOMISE AND SELF-HOSTING •Customise the app to be your own •Host the web version on your own server COMING FEATURES •Cross platform App •Integration of attendance and performance i.e. a student and their parents will be able to view a record of their attendance to classes and their various results.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.125

Size: 60.82 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by OrganizeIT Pty Ltd

Day of release: 2012-12-20

Recommended age: 4+

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