"Spelling tests are not fun !" - a quote from a reliable youth :) Practicing for dictated spelling tests is tedious and boring for many children. It ...

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"Spelling tests are not fun !" - a quote from a reliable youth :) Practicing for dictated spelling tests is tedious and boring for many children. It also demands significant amount of time and patience from parents and mentors as they help their children practice. Dictée was designed to make your life easier. Each week you just take a couple of minutes to enter the test words (written and voice) that have been assigned by your child's teacher, then you're free for the rest of the week. Many older children can actually do this part on their own so all you need to do is to review their practice results when you have time. Dictée also makes your child's life easier and they learn better. With it, your child can practice on their own and at their own pace without any distracting parent-child dynamics overshadowing the practice sessions. Dictée (pronounced "dic-teh") runs on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and can handle ANY test word or sentence in ANY language. What parents say... "It's simple and easy to use." "What I like is I don't have to fight Sean to do his spelling practice any more. I used to really dread that fight... Now he actually asks to do it because it's on the iPad. He sometimes even does it twice a day!" "I love it. She does it all. I now don't do anything except look at her results to see where she's having problems... One less daily chore for me to do. Thanks guys!" "The Challenge option really suits his way of learning.... He's now getting near perfect on all his tests." Features - Fast and easy assignment entry - Each week, you simply create a new assignment, type in the test words or sentences that the teacher has assigned and then record yourself speaking these words. This usually takes less than 2 minutes to do. (Typically, children older than 7 or 8 years old can do this on their own and many kids have a lot of fun recording and playing back their own voice.) - ANY word / ANY language - You can use Dictée to record any test word or sentence in any language supported by Apple's devices (see notes below). - simulated testing - Dictée provides a test-like environment where words are randomly spoken one at a time and the child types in their answer. At the end, you and your child can see how well they did. - Montessori-inspired Challenge mode - While you would expect simulated testing in this type of product, the power of Dictée is its unique, progressive practice mode that we call "Challenge". Challenge is based on Montessori principles and shows the child immediately when they have made a mistake and doesn't allow them to proceed to other words until they have figured out the correct spelling. This experimental approach to word memorization is a powerful learning mode and the results are presented in a way that you can see precisely where your child is having problems. - words, sentences or both - Some teachers create assignments with a mix of words and sentences/phrases, Dictée can handle words, sentences or a mixture of the two. - Introductory video - We've put together a short home-made video to show how to use Dictée. It can be viewed from the app or it can also be seen at "http://dictee2.leftcoastlabs.biz/videos/introduction". - Runs on any device: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Notes: 1. To enter test words in a specific language, you will need to switch your device's keyboard to that language before you enter words (On your device, navigate to Settings | General | Keyboard | Keyboards to add a new keyboard language.) You record your own voice so pronunciation is automatically in your preferred language. 2. Although you can enter test words in any language, currently the interface labels and prompts are only in English. We plan to add support for other languages in future versions.


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