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The reliable companion for everyday business communication from PONS with 800,000 keywords, phrases and translations. Do you frequently deal with English ...

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The reliable companion for everyday business communication from PONS with 800,000 keywords, phrases and translations. Do you frequently deal with English or German-speaking business partners as part of your job? Do you give English or German presentations, talk to your English or German speaking business partners on the phone, or read or write emails in English or German? The PONS Dictionary English BUSINESS gives quick and reliable results for everyday commercial use. You can test this and all other PONS dictionary apps before you buy them. Simply download the free PONS Dictionary Library app. Who can benefit in particular from this app? Anyone who has to look up terms quickly and reliably as part of their job. About the contents: • Current and comprehensive vocabulary containing more than 345,000 keywords and phrases and more than 455,000 translations • Ideal for everyday use at work with its specialist vocabulary from business, law and trade • Has helpful explanations of the most important specialist terms • Contains both language directions (German-English and English-German) • With IPA phonetics What can the app do? • This application provides 100% offline functionality. You do not incur any roaming charges. • Look-up without typing: You don’t even have to type it, but you can simply enter the search word in your own handwriting. Your search word will appear in the search box as a suggestion. • Any words you copy from a different application (e.g. on the Internet) are imported directly into the app’s search box and the relevant dictionary entry is displayed. • Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to spell a word – the similar words or wild card search function will find what you are looking for. The anagram search is an additional function that enables you to search for words with the same letters but in a different order. • Vocabulary lists: Add words that you want to learn to your ‘Vocabulary lists’. Use the vocabulary list quiz as a quick and effective way to learn the words! • Use the full-text search to find examples. • Pronunciation: Listen to numerous headwords spoken by native speakers. • Search for English headwords in any form you like (declined or conjugated). • Jump from one language direction to the other with just one click: from ‘English => German’ to ‘German => English’ and vice versa. Access linked entries, equally with just one click. • Individual settings. Use the range of options like defining the text size. • Use the history function to call up your last 100 word searches again – at a click. About PONS: PONS has been developing green materials for learning languages for life for over 30 years: from classic dictionaries and grammar aids to audio and software language courses right up to free online services such as the www.pons.eu language portal. More PONS products are available on: www.pons.de Also on www.twitter.com/pons_eu and www.facebook.com/PONSverlag © Maridav - Fotolia.com


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