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Dig up! Dinosaur bones (iPhone)

Paleontologist who runs to any place in the world, where there are dinosaurs` bones. A special App, Dig Up Dinosaur`s Bone with which ...

Discontinued App

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Paleontologist who runs to any place in the world, where there are dinosaurs’ bones. A special App, Dig Up Dinosaur’s Bone with which our children can experience as paleontologists. * Not just an App that described dinosaurs’s names and dinosaurs * A special App with which our children excavate dinosaurs’ bones themselves and set their bones to complete the dinosaurs * Provides a live experience space by striking bones with a hammer, dig them up with a brush and set the bones at a lab * The looks of the world’s dinosaur excavations such as Canada, the United States, Tanzania, China, Mongolia and South Korea, etc. have been reconstituted close to the real, which consist of 12 dinosaurs unearthed in there. How to play # Select the area you want. # Excavate bones by selecting ? signs at the selected area. # You may set the bones at a lab excavating all of them at once or do so excavating one by one. # If you touch a child’ character, you can see the list of the excavated bones. # When setting the bones, you can move a bone by pressing it gently while it is enlarged. # After setting the bones, the dinosaur which has been hidden in the silhouette appears and information about the dinosaur shows up. At this time, if parents describe more about the dinosaurs to their child with infinite praise, that will be a much pleasurable experience for the child. Present this wonderful App to your child, with which the child can directly experience the excavation and setting of dinosaur’s bones.


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