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MobileSOP – mobile component used as control and managements tool for "field workers" in retail and Pharmacy industry. Retail: With our MobileSOP system, ...

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MobileSOP – mobile component used as control and managements tool for "field workers" in retail and Pharmacy industry. Retail: With our MobileSOP system, any trading representative/mercherdizer or seller (further referred to as “mobile representative”) can use his/her iPad or iPhone to perform basic functions of retail audit, merchandizing, collection of orders from clients, payment acceptance, deliveries, sales, and visiting clients by the route chart. Moreover, our software has functions of convenient work with base of retail sites and routes, providing display of retail sites on the map. A mobile representative can find the complete information on a retailsite (address, contacts, sites), debt receivable information, lead from the supervisor and notes on the site (e.g., contract number). Each operation executed by your mobile representative on a route is linked to a special information on audit of his/her work: location (determined via GPS or network), and time of carrying out of operation. Combined with realization of the scheme of his/her motion by the route it gives you complete control functions. In-site photoreport: Available. Pharma: MobileSOP CRM is a system intended for application in pharma business by pharma representatives and distribution companies. CRM is a powerful new software product designed for work optimisation of pharma companies. Performance of medical representatives working “in field” will be improved by taking advantage of our software solution installed in their IPHONES or IPADS, while managers will be get quick access to information on each product status, its availability in drugstores, visits of mobile representatives to doctors, taking account of sale potentials, bonuses, drug prescriptions, etc. - presented in the most convenient form of reports. Each mobile representaive gets equipped with the maximum set of employee-relevant information (doctors, specialities, routes, maps, history of visits), as well as the reporting tools. Product operation is quick, independent,and comfortable. In the central ofice, managers get a convenient tool for monitoring and control – instant answers to such topical questions as who, what, when, where, why and how much! Our WEB CRM containing a unified register of doctors, pharmacies, etc., can be installed on your server or linked to yours. We can also provide you a powerful reporting system that allows you to produce any report or convenient data survey with no asistance of your programmers. Mobile Part can be integrated with other CRM like sugarcrm, salesforce, 1c and other.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.19

Size: 4.97 MB


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Developed by DigSee.com

Day of release: 2013-03-14

Recommended age: 4+

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