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*** 50% OFF Limited Time Only *** Don't Miss Out ! It`s time to build a DINOSAUR! Dinosaurs Builder is an enticing collection of dinosaurs puzzles ...

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*** 50% OFF Limited Time Only *** Don't Miss Out ! It’s time to build a DINOSAUR! Dinosaurs Builder is an enticing collection of dinosaurs puzzles that is sure to excite any child. It is packed with 128 colorful Dinosaurs puzzles that keep kids entertained for hours. Young children are fascinated by Dinosaurs and these colorful puzzles of the most amazing and mysterious creatures from the past keep toddlers entertained for hours. Kids will love building and learning to name all the different dinosaurs - from the big meat eating Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and Spinosaurus, the long tail and neck plant eating Apatosaurus, the armor plated Stegosaurus and even the tiny ones such as Velociraptors. Features: - 128 puzzles - Over 70 of the world’s most amazing and biggest creatures - DINOSAURS - Learn the name of the dinosaurs and hear its sound - Colorful silhouette shape puzzles - 2 levels of difficulty (easy and hard) When the puzzle is completed the name of the Dinosaur is spoken, the sound of the Dinosaur is heard and the name and Dinosaur facts are displayed. Dinosaur Builder is an eye and ear catching puzzle that enhances kids matching and listening skills in a fun and engaging way with lots of Dinosaurs. ----------------------------------------- We take children's privacy very seriously, our apps: - Do not collect any information - Do not contain ads - Do not contain in-app purchases - Do not contain integration with social networks - Do not use analytics / data collection tools - Do include a link to more of our apps in the iTunes AppStore ----------------------------------------- Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/myfirstpuzzles Email us: myfirstpuzzles@gmail.com


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