Dinosaur Zoo

Dinosaur Zoo - Download today - ALL DINO-PACKS ARE NOW FREE! happy roaring. "Featured in Apple's TV broadcast "Together" Advert - screening Feb 2013" ...

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Dinosaur Zoo - Download today - ALL DINO-PACKS ARE NOW FREE! happy roaring. "Featured in Apple's TV broadcast "Together" Advert - screening Feb 2013" "Educational app of the year 2012" Daily Telegraph ***** "Kids app of the year 2011" App magazine ***** "What to buy for your iPad" Apple magazine Featured on "the App Wrap" - New York 1 News "New & notable" - US & UK App store "App of the day" *****- Gizmodo "What's Hot" US app store "I really like the way all the additional dino-packs are free." Sarah Huggenson "Fun and backed with accuracy in the details" - Dr. Troye Wallett "I am writing to ask permission to use Dinosaur Zoo as part of our permanent display for our 2012 Dinosaur exhibit. - National Museums Northern Ireland" We were impressed and it was very interesting to see what you have done. [ with Dinosaur Zoo ] Tove Frambäck will start the project with the Exhibition 4½ billion years with you in mind. - Swedish Museum of Natural History According to Gizmodo..."Who is it good for ? People who like dinosaurs. People who like interactive encyclopedias. People who like new things. It's an app that lets you play with dinosaurs man, who's not going to like that ?" Time to start your own dinosaur zoo of fully animated dinosaurs. You can throw fish to swooping Pterodactyls, tease the Euoplocephalus, try not to get your fingers bitten by the Monolophosaurus – and if you roar, they roar back. But beware, if you make them really mad, they might smash the glass and get out! Each dinosaur comes with information from the latest paleontology discoveries, plenty of fascinating facts, prehistoric maps of where they lived and where they died, and spinning 360-degree clay models while the roaring versions are in full color. Drawing from a history of collaboration with National institutes overseen by the world’s leading paleontologists. Enjoy playing with your child while they learn from paleontology history and watch their imagination sparkle. Dinosaurs are alive again... and this time, they’re in your iPad.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.6

Size: 271.35 MB


Price: 1,64 €

Developed by dotnamestudios

Day of release: 2011-05-13

Recommended age: 4+

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