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▶New DioDict 4, Quick Search Enabled Electronic Dictionary, Now Available◀ The complete New Ace English-Korean Dictionary • published by Kumsung ...

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▶New DioDict 4, Quick Search Enabled Electronic Dictionary, Now Available◀ The complete New Ace English-Korean Dictionary - published by Kumsung Publishing, one of the Korea's leading dictionary makers - 310,000 words, meanings and examples - Thousands of notes on grammar and ways to use words - No internet connection needed. **Free upgrade available for Diodict 3.5 users. If you are using Diodict 3.5, please note that each version has different functions. Wordbook/History functions may not be available in the newest version due to database replacement. ** =====Trusted Dictionary and Continuous Updates Available===== - The trusted New Ace Korean-English dictionary is used by Oxford University Press, the world's largest university press! - Continuous updates from Harper Collins' 'New Words' database! - Updated under the supervision of domestic and foreign language institutions and Jeong Yeongguk and Jo Miok, the most respected lexicographers in Korea. =====Contains Rich Content============= - Entries focus on practicality and frequency of use. - A wide range of lexicon including a select 215,000 English-Korean and 95,000 Korean-English entries. - Two way English-Korean dictionary suited to learners of both English and Korean. - Updated to cover the latest vocabulary in Korean and English. - Example Bank available with examples applicable to daily, real-life conversations and compositions. - Pronunciation guide from the built-in American Text To Speech (TTS) solution. - American and British pronunciation guide available for free (download is available via Wi-Fi.) - Various detailed examples essential for English learners provided. =====Powerful & Specialized Functions in Diodict 4===== ▶ Easier Search with 'Multi Search' ◀ - When you enter a word to search, relevant sentence idioms and phrasal verbs are searched for and spelling is checked automatically. - Multiple types of searches are available in a single search window without the need to select a search mode. ▶ Search Features ◀ - Wildcard search: enter “?” or “*” in place of a letter when you are unsure of the spelling (e.g., “man*ver” retrieves the word “maneuver”). - Search not only for words, but for phrases or examples. - The spell check function corrects typos - if you are unsure of the spelling or mis-type a word, a list of similar words is offered. - With the Korean-English dictionary, you can quickly search a word by typing the initial consonants of the Korean alphabet. - The search results are listed in real-time when you enter a keyword. - links to Google so that you can search for more information on a particular word. - If you search for a verb in the English-Korean dictionary, the infinitive is always found whether it's in the present, past, past participle, or future perfect. ▶ Vocab Revision ◀ - History menu lists all your recent word searches. - Save words and expressions to any number of flashcard folders. - You can efficiently learn the words saved in the folders using the Cradle and Yes/No Quizzes function. =====Reliable Dictionary App Provider===== ***Electronic Dictionary Application Chosen by Top Smartphone Manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG. - Installed on over 90% of Samsung and LG smartphones with users all over the world. Highest market share for dictionary applications. *** The Number One Company in the Domestic Mobile Electronic Dictionary Market for Over 10 Years, with Over 100 staff in R&D. - The company”s own testing department performs meticulous testing, along with a customer support department. ***Diodict Dictionary Series, over 20 Different Dictionaries, Now Available on iTunes! ■ CS center : support@diotek.co.kr ■ www.facebook.com/DIOTEK


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