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The more you use this application, the more useful it gets. DIOTEK Phrasebook Released! DIOTEK Phrasebook is a mobile conversation application that ...

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The more you use this application, the more useful it gets. DIOTEK Phrasebook Released! DIOTEK Phrasebook is a mobile conversation application that contains selected sentences of multiple languages classified by topic, so that users can search them easily and quickly when they need them. [Product Features] It is useful when you travel or when you are learning a foreign language. It is an innovative application that can get rid of your fear of foreign language. Anyone who can speak his or her native language can speak a foreign language. You can overcome the hurdle of conversation in a foreign language, which is impossible with a dictionary. You can learn many languages economically and efficiently. [Main Functions] 1.Simple search -You can easily search sentences and expressions by categories such as shopping, driving, and sightseeing, or by situation. -You can search useful common sentences (phrases) with simple key words (keyword search). 2.Voice and pronunciation guide -Effective communication and learning is possible through the voice of native speakers. -Because pronunciation guide is provided, you can read foreign words easily like reading in your own language. 3.Multiple language and cross-language support -You can conveniently buy a language pack as needed via In-App Purchase. -You can use various languages economically and effectively as mutual search in any direction is possible. 4.Efficient, three-dimensional flash card learning -You can experience a three-dimensional learning by seeing flash cards while listening to sounds. -You can experience an amazing learning by memorizing full sentences. [Special language extension that is unique to DioDict Phrasebook] DioDict Phrasebook basically consists of Korean. If you need other languages, you can conveniently buy the following languages from the application and extend languages. DioDict Phrasebook: 2,474 sentences in each language Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese Highly recommended for those who: 1.Go on a business trip or travel abroad 2.Begin learning a foreign language or have difficulty in conversation 3.Think that electronic dictionary is insufficient [Dictionary Information] Smart DIOTEK Multilingual Phrasebook It basically consists of four languages: Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese. You can use it widely as it contains many different sentences for conversation. Furthermore, user convenience has been maximized through interconnections between different language dictionaries. With over 2,474 sentences classified by 14 topics and 73 subtopics, you can speak many different sentences in various situations. *Follow us on Twitter* www.twitter.com/diotek


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