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Dip - Creative Story Telling App for AndroidCreate your own interactive story and even Dip yourself into your own story!
Easy and intuitive tools! ...

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Dip - Creative Story Telling App for AndroidCreate your own interactive story and even Dip yourself into your own story!
Easy and intuitive tools! Supports creative self expression and storytelling!Features:
- Intuitive drawing and erasing with touch, dipping your fingers into digital ink
- Creating actors/layers to drag over background
- Take photo of yourself as actor
- Erase unnecessary surroundings
- Record your voice assigned to an actor/layer
- Manipulate actors/layers to flip horizontally/vertically, send backwards/forwards, lock or delete
- Bitmaps can be loaded
- Numerous pages can be created and re-lived
- Whole story can be saved
- Story can be re-told is several ways, using dynamic actions of dragging and tapping for narratives to emergeIt's not just the end product, but the process itself that endulges children to immerse themselves into seamless ways in creative storytelling.Dip is a result of more than two decades of research in digital narratives for early ages developed on a platform allowing natural gestures for drawing and storytelling.
Fine-tuned to adapt to users between age 3 and 103 to create stories alone or in collaboration.Be prepared for the story to begin and get dipped! Express yourself though play, acting out feelings, constructing and re-constructing stories in different ways, communicating and socialising with peers and care-takers to enrich everyday life of experiences.HOW TO:
- Select pencil and use fingers to draw actor/layer, choose bucket to fill closed area.
- Colour can be picked choosing from pencils and width of pen can be increased/decreased using slider.
- Double tap to edit actor and back arrow to save actor.
- Select camera icon to create a picture of yourself; erase unnecessary surroundings using eraser icon and save.
- Pinch-drag actor to rotate or re-size, press actor for a longer time to access further edit functions: flip horizontally or vertically, delete, lock, move backwards or forwards the actor layers.
- Select box icon to load a previous bitmap as an actor/layer.
- Tap to select actor and click on microphone to record sound using record and stop buttons, tap actor to play sound.
- Actors can be locked to background or let loose to drag within story.
- Right arrow creates a new page and arrows (or clicking on page) allow navigation between pages.
- Stories can be retold is various ways, dragging actors over background and tapping on them to play narratives.
- Select disk to save page and back arrow to exit, saving story.


Technical specifications

Version: v1.0.2

Size: 1.1 MB


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Developed by ELTEdroid

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