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The first and only app to let you track your competition`s market data, along with your own. Access your app`s downloads, revenues, reviews, ...

Discontinued App


The first and only app to let you track your competition’s market data, along with your own. Access your app’s downloads, revenues, reviews, ratings and other updates on 10 major app stores, globally. Get secure access to the data you want, whenever you need it. Distimo provides the most comprehensive and streamlined solution to track your apps’ data on the go, along with access to global leaderboards, so you can see the movement of the app ecosystem at large. All major app stores are supported. For AppIQ users, the Distimo app connects directly to your AppIQ account, so you can stay tuned into your competition at all times. AppIQ data provides daily download and revenue estimates for any app globally, allowing you to benchmark your own data, alongside the competition. Use the most accurate and up-to-date market data in the industry to support all your business decisions. Instantly visualize all the metrics that matter, with the flick of a finger: Downloads and Revenues - Toggle between download and revenue graphs for each of your apps to see spikes and trends for customizable date ranges. Get singular data points for specific dates and track events like price change, featured, and version change, to analyze spikes in data. Rankings - Keep track of your own rankings, and also those of your competitors. You can add an unlimited amount of competitor apps using App Analytics, and the rankings will immediately be available in the app. And of course there's an extensive selection of filters and breakdowns to choose from to provide you with the best insights in the market. Reviews - Collect reviews from all the stores your app is on, in one place. View reviews for customizable timeframes and provide instant feedback to your app’s users. Leaderboards - Get a birds eye view of important shifts in the app industry. Scroll through the leaderboards with daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly rankings for all apps and publishers in 10 major app stores globally. Filter for countries and categories. Track fluctuations in top apps and keep an eye on the new comers in the space. To access analytics on the Distimo App, please register for a free App Analytics account at http://www.distimo.com. To learn more about AppIQ visit http://www.distimo.com/appiq.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.9

Size: 5.96 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Distimo

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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