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Diving With Legends

DIVING WITH LEGENDS is a book not just about the legendary figures from the underwater world; it is a book by those legends. Pete Millar wanted to tell ...

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DIVING WITH LEGENDS is a book not just about the legendary figures from the underwater world; it is a book by those legends. Pete Millar wanted to tell the stories of a number of the world’s top divers and underwater explorers but he went one better. He convinced them to tell their stories in their own words and supply the pictures to go with them. Within the pages of Diving With Legends you can read what it was like to journey to the bottom of the deepest part of the world’s oceans; 7 miles down, as if you were with Jacques Piccard…… Read about one of Stan Waterman's most memorable dives…… Read about Dr. George Bass' archaeology life underwater and his last dive…… Read about Richie Kohler's dives on the Andrea Doria, Titanic and U 869…… Read about David Trotter's search for the Daniell J Morell and Minnedosa in the Great Lakes…… Read about Burt Webber's seventeen year search for the treasure of the Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion…… Read about Dr. Joe MacInnis' pioneering dives under the Arctic on the Sub Igloo mission...... Read about Ralph Wilbank's discovery of the Confederate States submarine torpedo boat - H. L. Hunley…… Read about Leigh Bishop's underwater discoveries at the forefront of Technical Diving...... Read about Dr. James Delgado's adventures as an underwater archaeologist and as part of the Sea Hunters...... Read about what life was like for Tony Groom as a Navy bomb disposal diver on board a British warship during the Falkland's War...... Read about Karl Shreeves dive on the USS Monitor...... Read about John Chatterton's first dives with a rebreather...... Read about Howard Hall's life as an award winning underwater filmmaker and his encounters with sharks...... Read what Henry Joyce's life was like onboard USS Sea Lion (SS-315) which was the only US boat to sink a battleship in WWII...... Read about Martha Watkin Gilkes adventures and endeavours to save the dolphins in Antigua...... Read about what happened to Mike O'Leary in Saturation at 500 feet down when disaster strikes...... Read about what prompted Paul Oberle to develop the Scuba Rangers...... Read about Carl Spencer's dives to the Britannic and Carpathia...... Read about Graham Hawkes' narrow escape testing a new submersible at 3000 feet...... Read about Zale Parry's work on Sea Hunt...... Read about Dan Crowell's life as an underwater film maker and scariest ride back to port...... Read about Jarrod Jablonski's record breaking cave dive...... Legendary stories about legendary divers…… This is Diving With Legends.


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