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Doc Manager

DESCRIPTION The easiest way to securely transfer, manage, store and view documents on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. OVERVIEW You can do the following: - ...

Discontinued App


DESCRIPTION The easiest way to securely transfer, manage, store and view documents on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. OVERVIEW You can do the following: - Transfer files between your device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) and a Computer (Mac, Windows 7 or Vista). - Easily drag and drop files and/or folders from “Mac Finder” or “Windows Explorer”. - Upload and download files from your web browser. - View documents downloaded to your device, anytime, anywhere. - Organize and manipulate files and folders on your device. - Mount the device on your computer desktop as a wireless hard disk. - Email single or multiple documents from File Manager. - Search for files or folders. - Bookmark files or folders’ location. - Bookmark any page in a document. - Modify and manage bookmarks. TRANSFER FILES - Easily and securely transfer files to and from a Mac or PC (Windows 7 and Vista) using Wi-Fi or an ad hoc network. - Device and the computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network. - Drag and drop files and folders between your device and computer from your "Mac Finder" or "Windows Explorer." - Secure remote access to files with password authentication. VIEW DOCUMENTS - View common document types including: PDF RTF Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) Apple iWork’s (page, number, keynote) Video, image, and audio files. - See below for complete list of viewable formats. MANAGE FILES - Perform common file operations on your device including: Sending email Copying, renaming, creating, deleting or moving files and folders - Swipe or tap file name or cell to display menu of available operations including: Email, copy, rename, or delete of selected file. BOOKMARKS - Bookmark files or folders in the file system for direct access. - Bookmark any section of a particular document for quick and easy access. SEARCH - Search for files and folders in the present directory. - Perform file operations such as email, copy, delete and move in the search result view. REQUIREMENTS - File Transfer between computer and device is supported on Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Vista. - Device to computer connection requires connection to a Wi-Fi Network. DOCUMENT TYPES SUPPORTED - PDF (pdf) - Rich Text Format (rtf) and Rich Text Format Directory (rtfd) - Microsoft Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pps, pptx) - iWork (keynote, numbers and pages) - Audio (aac, aiff, aif, aifc, amr, alac, caf, m4a, m4r, mp2, mp3, mpga, pcm, snd, wav, wma) - Images (gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tiff, tif, bmp) - Movies (mov, mp4, mpv, m4v, 3gp) - HTML Pages - Source Code (java, javascript, c, c++, xml, pearl, ruby, python, objective c, and more) - Text (txt) SUPPORT http://www.zunasoft.com/Support.html UPDATES Frequent updates will be available for free.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 6.01 MB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by Zunasoft, Inc.

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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