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Offline and online easy reference to hundreds of dog breads.It provide each dog breed information and easy link to external resources. Hundreds of offline ...

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Offline and online easy reference to hundreds of dog breads.It provide each dog breed information and easy link to external resources. Hundreds of offline photos 428 of them and hundreds of dog breed description(total section description covering dog breeds included in bracket). Here are some samples since the description can not fit them all Afghan Hound(8) Africanis(7) Aidi(5) Akbash Dog(5) Alangu Mastiff(6) Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog(9) Alaskan Husky(5) Alaskan Klee Kai(8) Alaskan Malamute(10) Alsatian Shepalute(6) American Akita(5) American Bulldog(12) American Cocker Spaniel(16) American Hairless Terrier(5) American Mastiff(13) American Pit Bull Terrier(8) American Staghound(7) American Water Spaniel(6) Anatolian Shepherd Dog(8) Argentine Dogo(8) Ariege Pointer(7) Armant (dog)(9) Artois Hound(18) Australian Cattle Dog(13) Australian Kelpie(10) Australian Shepherd(17) Australian Silky Terrier(10) Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog(8) Australian Terrier(9) Bakharwal Dog(5) Bandog(8) Basset Artésien Normand(7) Beagle(23) Beagle-Harrier(7) Bedlington Terrier(13) Bergamasco Shepherd(7) Bisben(5) Black Norwegian Elkhound(7) Black and Tan Coonhound(6) Bloodhound(9) Blue Lacy(9) Bluetick Coonhound(6) Bolonka(5) Border Terrier(8) Borzoi(9) Boston Terrier(10) Boykin Spaniel(8) Brazilian Terrier(5) Briard(5) Bucovina Shepherd Dog(6) Bull Terrier (Miniature)(10) Bull and Terrier(8) Bullmastiff(10) Canadian Eskimo Dog(9) Canadian Pointer(9) Cane Corso(7) Cardigan Welsh Corgi(6) Carolina Dog(8) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel(20) Chesapeake Bay Retriever(8) Chien Français Blanc et Noir(5) Chien Français Blanc et Orange(5) Chien Français Tricolore(5) Chilean Fox Terrier(6) Chinese Crested Dog(8) Chinook (dog)(8) Chippiparai(5) Cimarrón Uruguayo(7) Clumber Spaniel(7) Cockapoo(6) Collie(8) Combai(5) Coton de Tulear(11) Curly Coated Retriever(12) Damchi(5) Dandie Dinmont Terrier(5) Deutsche Bracke(8) Dog breed(8) Dog breeding(5) Dog hybrid(8) Dogue de Bordeaux(13) Dorkie(10) Dunker(6) East Siberian Laika(6) English Cocker Spaniel(14) English Coonhound(5) English Foxhound(9) English Mastiff(12) English Shepherd(8) English Springer Spaniel(18) English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)(7) Estrela Mountain Dog(7) Fell Terrier(6) Field Spaniel(7) Finnish Lapphund(20) Flat-Coated Retriever(7) Formosan Mountain Dog(7) Fox Terrier(9) French Spaniel(9) Gaddi Kutta(6) German Spitz(8) Giant dog breed(5) Glen of Imaal Terrier(5) Goldendoodle(9) Gordon Setter(11) Greenland Dog(7) Greyhound(13) Gull Dong(7) Gull Terr(7) Halden hound(6) Hare Indian Dog(6) Harrier (dog)(8) Hortaya Borzaya(8) Hunting Dog (Felids)(7) Hypoallergenic dog breed(8) Icelandic Sheepdog(6) Indian Spitz(6) Irish Red and White Setter(7) Japanese Chin(6) Kai Ken(5) Kangal Dog(8) Kerry Blue Terrier(10) King Charles Spaniel(7) King Shepherd(9) Kishu(8) Koolie(12) Kyi-Leo(7) Labrador Retriever(24) Lakeland Terrier(6) Lancashire Heeler(7) Lapponian Herder(5) Lewellyn(7) Lhasa Apso(6) List of dog hybrids(5) List of guard dog breeds(5) Manchester Terrier(7) Mastinaro(5) Mexican Hairless Dog(9) Miniature Fox Terrier(11) Mioritic(5) Mucuchies(8) Neapolitan Mastiff(8) New Guinea Singing Dog(6) Norfolk Terrier(9) Norrbottenspets(14) Norwegian Buhund(5) Norwegian Elkhound(14) Norwegian Lundehund(7) Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever(11) Old English Sheepdog(12) Otterhound(6) Pekingese(12) Peruvian Hairless Dog(8) Pointer (dog breed)(14) Pont-Audemer Spaniel(6) Poodle hybrid(5) Porcelaine(7) Purebred (dog)(9) Pyrenean Mastiff(6) Pyrenean Shepherd(9) Rajapalayam (dog)(5) Rare breed (dog)(6) Rat Terrier(8) Redbone Coonhound(6) Rhodesian Ridgeback(18) Rough Collie(8) Russell Terrier(8) Sabueso Español(6) Samoyed (dog)(15) Scotch Collie(8) Scottish Deerhound(9) Sealyham Terrier(8) Seppala Siberian Sleddog(7)


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