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Search for domains. Searches are fast and cover 46 (and growing) domain types and view whois details. Feedback appreciated! 480 domains supported, including: com, ...

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Search for domains. Searches are fast and cover 46 (and growing) domain types and view whois details. Feedback appreciated! 480 domains supported, including: com, net, org, info, co, tv, ws, com.au, net.au, org.au, id.au, co.nz, kiwi, net.nz, org.nz, eu, co.uk, ch, ad, al, at, ax, ba, be, bg, by, cat, com.de, cy, cz, de, de.com, dk, ee, es, eu.com, fi, fr, gb.com, gb.net, gd, gf, gg, gi, gl, gr, gr.com, hr, hu, hu.com, hu.net, ie, im, is, it, je, li, lt, lu, lv, mc, md, me, me.uk, mt, nc, nl, no, no.com, nu, org.uk, pl, pt, ro, rs, ru, ru.com, se, se.com, se.net, si, sk, sm, ua, uk, uk.com, uk.net, ac, ao, bi, bj, cd, cg, ci, cm, dj, dz, eg, et, ga, gh, gm, gn, ke, ls, ma, mg, ml, mr, mu, mw, mz, na, ng, re, rw, sh, sn, so, st, tf, tn, tz, ug, yt, za, za.com, ae, ae.org, af, am, aq, asia, au, bd, ck, cn, cn.com, cx, fj, fm, fo, hk, hm, id, il, in, in.net, io, iq, ir, jo, jp, jp.net, jpn.com, kg, ki, kr, kr.com, kw, kz, lb, lk, ly, mn, mo, mp, my, nf, np, nr, nz, om, pg, ph, pk, ps, pw, qa, sa, sa.com, sb, sc, sg, sr, sy, th, tj, tk, tl, tm, to, tr, tw, uz, vn, vu, wf, ye, ag, ai, ar, ar.com, as, bb, bo, br, br.com, bs, bz, ca, cc, cl, co.com, cr, cu, dm, do, ec, gp, gs, gt, gy, hn, ht, jm, kn, ky, la, lc, mq, ms, mx, ni, pa, pe, pm, pn, pr, py, qc.com, sl, sv, sx, tc, tt, us, us.com, us.org, uy, uy.com, vc, ve, vg, vi, academy, accountants, actor, aero, agency, archi, associates, audio, bar, bargains, beer, berlin, best, bid, bike, bio, biz, black, blackfriday, blue, boutique, build, builders, buzz, cab, camera, camp, capital, cards, care, careers, cash, catering, center, ceo, cheap, christmas, church, city, claims, cleaning, clinic, clothing, club, codes, coffee, community, company, computer, condos, construction, consulting, contractors, cooking, cool, coop, country, credit, creditcard, cruises, dance, dating, deals, democrat, dental, diamonds, digital, direct, directory, discount, domains, education, email, engineering, enterprises, equipment, estate, events, exchange, expert, exposed, fail, farm, finance, financial, fish, fishing, fitness, flights, florist, foundation, fund, furniture, futbol, gallery, gift, glass, global, graphics, gratis, gripe, guide, guitars, guru, haus, hiphop, hiv, holdings, holiday, horse, host, house, immobilien, industries, ink, institute, insure, international, investments, jetzt, juegos, kaufen, kim, kitchen, land, lease, life, lighting, limited, limo, link, loans, london, luxury, maison, management, marketing, media, menu, mobi, moda, moe, nagoya, name, ninja, nyc, onl, partners, parts, photo, photography, photos, pics, pictures, pink, place, plumbing, press, pro, productions, properties, pub, qpon, recipes, red, reisen, rentals, repair, report, republican, rest, reviews, rich, rocks, rodeo, ruhr, schule, services, sexy, shiksha, shoes, singles, social, solar, solutions, supplies, supply, support, surf, surgery, systems, tattoo, tax, technology, tel, tienda, tips, today, tokyo, tools, town, toys, trade, training, travel, university, uno, vacations, vegas, ventures, viajes, villas, vision, vodka, voting, voyage, watch, webcam, website, wien, wiki, works, wtf, xxx, xyz. Domain lookups are performed by DNS resolution and may not be perfectly accurate. Improvements are expected, stay tuned!


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Day of release: 2012-01-10

Recommended age: 4+

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