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Every child has genius potential. "Every child born has, at the moment of birth, a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo da Vinci ever used." ...

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Every child has genius potential. "Every child born has, at the moment of birth, a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo da Vinci ever used." - Glenn Doman Children are born with an ability to discern quantity of objects by sight. Remember Rainman? Looking at a hundreds of toothpicks and saying their exact number without counting. Apparently all the kids are able to do it and lose this amazing ability if we don’t help them develop it. In order to do it, Glen Doman suggests using large flash cards with dots (hence – Dot Method), increasing the number of random dots on the cards gradually, getting children accustomed first to quantities, then to equasions with those quantities, and finally even with algebraic sequences, sophisticated equations and even inequalities. Since children get used to doing equations with dots (quantities) instead of numbers (meaningless symbols!), they learn to UNDERSTAND problem solving in math, as opposed to memorizing the formulas to get to the correct answer of the problem. Once children go through this introductory concept of quantities, normal numbers are finally introduced and tiny children continue enjoying sophisticated equations in the more traditional for us way: 127+12-66*2=… For the details and further proof, please read How to Teach Your Baby Math by Glen Doman. This app has 50 days training sessions, and more are to be add soon in updates! Instructions for Doman Flash Cards Caution: To protect the baby's eyes, please only use this app for babies who are above 9 months! 1. Attitude: Always try to insipre your child's motive of learning. 2. Environment: a. In a quiet room without interference of others. b. No other visual interference. c. No colorful dress or accessaries. 3. Teach you kid when you are in a pleasant mood. 4. Timing: Basically 6 times a day and several seconds each time. Finish when your kid is interested so as to arouse his/her learning desire. Wait at least 25 minutes for the next training. 5. Note: a. Your passion will inspire your kid's interest and improve the learning result. b. Perseverence of parents is the key to success. c. Only train your kids, never test them. 6. How to use the app: Let your kid sitting in front of you facing the same direction. Hold your iPhone/iPad in front of you (your kid). Let your kid look at the iPhone/iPad. Click the session you want to start and read the numbers (and the signs in front of numbers) in the right corner one by one to your kids.


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