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Donuts Factory Memory Match

You love eating donuts? It`s time for little boys and girls to get ready for the sweet treat. It`s for the bakery lovers and for the ones ...

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You love eating donuts? It’s time for little boys and girls to get ready for the sweet treat. It’s for the bakery lovers and for the ones who have been into maker and cooking games of donuts. They all would love playing memory match game with donuts. This is one of the best games for your kids as they would learn memory skills from it. Bring taste to your life with donuts. It’s atime management game with tasty and yummy donuts. It’s filled with chocolate donuts, cake donuts, fruit fitters and jelly donuts. Look for the similar one for each donut. Enter the bakerystory and match the donuts in pairs. It’s all about your memorizing skills to match the unmatched cards in pairs like no hero have done before. Stop playing killer and superfighter games to save your kids’ fragile minds. It’s not the crime city or guns of contract killers where preschool kids do not belong. Let them play games that have fun. Although talking to tom and his friends might be fun but end up with no learning. So the best choice would be memory match games. ***FEATURES*** - Amazing and Challenging Game play. - Three Difficulty levels to challenge your time management skills. - 5 addictive game stages. - Tic-Toc timer to test the speed at which your kids are playing. - Best flipping animations. - Scores at the end telling you how fast did you complete the level. - The faster you complete the rack the more scores you earn. - Animated Splash Screen. - Colorful HD images. - Tic-toc timer sound.


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Version: 1.2

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