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Dr.コーパス 投野ç‱紀夫の英単語道場

================================= Re-released! 55% Off! ================================= Features: Exclusive to the iPod Touch and iPhone, Tono Yukio`s ...

Discontinued App


================================= Re-released! 55% Off! ================================= Features: Exclusive to the iPod Touch and iPhone, Tono Yukio’s Dr. コーパス English Vocabulary Dojo is a comprehensive English study application. Its corpus is carefully selected from a large-scale language database and content is broken succinctly into seven ranks including three introductory levels. Students will find 20 of English’s most important foundational verbs and 1000 other important English vocabulary taken from a cross-section of from many parts of speech. It is replete with several step-by-step study modes, creative testing schemes and multiple settings for voice, sound, vocabulary and base language filters. Dr. コーパス corresponds to the content of a TOEIC Test score of 600. As well as a great study tool for learners of English, Dr. コーパス is a helpful and well-rounded tool for learners of Japanese. Each vocabulary entry is a virtual wealth of usage, sentence patterns and features native-Japanese pronunciations. In both normal and flash card study modes, for instance, students can switch between either language using filters. This allows for focused vocabulary drilling and memorisation. In each of the four dojo modes, too, you will find helpful vocabulary practice drills and benefit from the 単語トレーニンã‚° (vocabulary training) and リスニングトレーニンã‚° (listening training) modes. Overview: Dr. コーパス targets vocabulary acquisition using the following formats: ladder study, random selections and global reviews in normal and flash card study modes. Dojo mode analyses your knowledge of vocabulary and its usage. The following areas are quizzed: vocabulary and meaning, chunks (short sentences or phrases), sentence patterns and listening comprehension. Study Modes: You can choose either Normal or Flash Card modes. Each covers the same content, however, normal mode displays a vocabulary word’s full entry for quick review, while Flash Card mode separates an entry into several parts. There are also various settings and filters that can be applied to further aid the memorisation of vocabulary. Normal Mode (ノーマルモード): This mode displays a vocabulary word’s full entry including English-Japanese equivalencies, chunks and usage examples. Using the filter button (フィルター), you can selectively remove either English or Japanese for memorisation practice. Settings are accessed via the settings (設定) menu for both study modes. Flashcard Mode (フラッシュカードモード): Flash Card mode utilises the same English-Japanese equivalencies, chunks and usage examples as Normal Mode, but breaks each into its own page for better memorisation. Order of appearance and other settings including flash card content can be accessed via the settings menu. Dojo Mode (道場モード): Dojo mode lets students test their knowledge in the four components of Dr. コーパス: vocabulary and meaning, chunk, example sentence and listening comprehension. Of particular interest to students of Japanese are the two modes: 単語トレーニンã‚° (vocabulary training) and リスニングトレーニンã‚° (listening training) which juxtapose English and Japanese vocabulary in multiple choice drills. Each test is given by one of four Dojo characters. Upon completing your training in one of the seven levels, Tono Sensei will promote the student to the next level. Keep your eye on the goal of passing all seven!


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Version: 1.4

Size: 45.44 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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