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Draculino BJJ Training

You no longer have an excuse to skip your BJJ homework! Here are 51 technique videos covering all of the blue belt essentials. The key to practicing ...

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You no longer have an excuse to skip your BJJ homework! Here are 51 technique videos covering all of the blue belt essentials. The key to practicing BJJ effectively is to understand and master the fundamentals. In this application, Draculino guides you through the exact same techniques he has used to teach his many world champion students. Draculino takes a direct stab at the low quality instructionals and Internet warriors teaching improper techniques, allowing you to immediately begin stepping up your game. This application focuses on the full Blue Belt list of techniques which are necessary to be considered at the blue belt level. Nothing will ever replace mat time, but being able to review properly taught techniques anytime and anywhere is irreplaceable. FEATURES -Techniques shot using multiple angles and edited into one view so you don’t miss any important details -Over 50 techniques of edited footage giving you enough material to take years to master -Important self defense techniques that can be used in everyday practice -Text descriptions accompany each technique highlighting important details -NOTE: For a smaller Blue Belt app, please look at the Blue Belt: Basic app. It does not contains standup and self defense techniques. ABOUT VINICIUS “DRACULINO” MAGALHAES Draculino is a world champion fourth degree black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. who has won gi, no gi, and MMA titles during his career. Draculino enjoys sharing the joy of Jiu Jitsu and has taught well over a hundred black belts. His teaching approach consistently produces world champions every single year and his students include: Romulo Barral, Marcelo Azevedo, Samuel Braga, Albert Crane, Cristiano Titi, Claudio “Caloquinha” Cardoso, and Erik Wanderley. TECHNIQUE LIST There are fifty one techniques that make up this BLUE BELT: COMPLETE app and include: Americana from mount Ankle sweep going to mount Arm bar from guard (standing opponent) Arm bar from knee on belly Arm bar from mount Arm bar from side control Basic guard pass on the knees Basic guard pass standing up in posture Bump/Portuguese sweep Collar choke from back Escape from side control by recovering the guard Escape from side control by turning on fours/turtle position Escape from the back (hands on the neck) Escape from the back (no hands on the neck) From double to single leg take down Getting the back from mount position (Back pack and Hooks) Half guard pass to mount Ippon seioi nage when opponent tries standing one hand choke Ippon seoi nage by fake single leg attempt Jumping over the leg guard pass Keeping the open guard (foot on the hip and biceps) Keeping the open guard (spider guard control) Kimura from guard Kimura from side control Knee on belly Maintaining base and swimming in mount position Matador open guard pass Morote seioi nage after breaking the grip Pendulum sweep Pull to guard from standing up/correct position on closed guard Rear naked choke from back Recover the closed guard from half guard Recover the closed guard from half guard (cross face, under hook) Scissor sweep Simple arm bar from guard (on the knees) Simple choke from knee on belly Simple chokes from the guard Simple distant double leg Simple escape from knee on belly Sucker punch block with head lock throw (cochiguruma) Sucker punch block with ogoshi, hip toss Sucker punch block with osotogari Sucker punch block with ouchigari takedown Tomoe nage from guard Transition/Pass from side control to mount (Killing the roach) Transition/Pass from side control to mount (sliding the knee) Triangle Tripod sweep Two basic chokes from mount Upa, with hip escape from mount position Upa/bridge escape from mount position


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Day of release: 2010-06-4

Recommended age: 12+

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