Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge

Solve math puzzles and unlock the legend of Dragon Shapes! 'Highly recommended... fun, challenging and teaches new skills' - theimum.com 'Drop dead ...

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Solve math puzzles and unlock the legend of Dragon Shapes! 'Highly recommended... fun, challenging and teaches new skills' - theimum.com 'Drop dead gorgeous apps you don’t want your kids to miss... Perfect skills for today’s kids to be immersed in!' - TeachersWithApps.com 'The production quality is excellent, with plenty of charm.' - appsplayground.com Four academic levels of difficulty follow the story of the Shape Arts Master and his quest to rescue the village’s dragon. Each level offers a structured sequence of geometric puzzles themed to the characters from the story: butterfly, turtle, mountain goat and dragon. This app supports learners with problem solving and reasoning as they progress through a fun puzzle pathway. Children gain an intuitive sense for geometric relationships and boost their thinking skills at the same time. BENEFITS FOR LEARNERS * Improved confidence with math * Knowledge and vocab for shapes and attributes * An intuitive sense for geometric relationships * Spatial awareness, visualisation and rotation skills FEATURES √ Aligned to school curriculum for ages 6 to 10 √ 4 difficulty levels from basic to advanced √ Full access to all 80 puzzles √ Animated story chapters between levels √ Unlock the story, puzzles and levels as you progress √ Themed characters add fun and adventure √ See your puzzle progress on the pathway √ Inspired by the ancient Chinese tangram puzzle √ Developed with teachers √ Targeted content and hints for every puzzle The app is free with 1 in-app purchase for full access to all 80 puzzles. All educational content is developed with pedagogy experts and aligned to the school curriculum. * Fully tested with families * Child-friendly design * Full info on learning objectives WHAT GROWN-UPS NEED TO KNOW * Contains 1 in-app purchase behind parental gate * No third-party advertising * Parent's Guide in Grown-Ups area ABOUT LUMIO Lumio is a collection of kids educational apps targeting tricky math topics in fun ways. The apps introduce learners to key concepts using concrete models and familiar but quirky contexts. Abstract ideas come to life for kids using targeted touch interactions. Lumio apps are fully tested with parents, teachers, and kids. Find out more about our beta testing group at lumiokids.com.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 136.4 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Lighthouse Learning

Day of release: 2013-10-14

Recommended age: 4+

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