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Excited to inform that apart from giving kids countless hours of creative and interactive play, Draw Your Stories is helping kids with Learning disabilities ...

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Excited to inform that apart from giving kids countless hours of creative and interactive play, Draw Your Stories is helping kids with Learning disabilities too, this is what one of our user says: Speech Language Pathologist/ Audiologist 5 Stars by Looking for new ideas - Version 1.2 - Oct 1, 2013 It helps with visualizing the information which is a very important piece for comprehension skills It can be used for a variety of children including special educations students who have language learning deficits, reading comprehension deficits, and specific learning disability due to language weaknesses. Promotes language through motor skills modality It helps with active participation skills Promotes internal motivation to keep listening and interacting in the task ========================================== FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!! COMPLETELY FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! NO IN-APP PURCHASES! Draw Your Stories is the World’s First Personalized Stories App where kids’ drawings spring to life. This app is ideal for parent-child, child-child and teacher-student interactions. Draw Your Stories is based on the following beliefs- ● Kids need to be engaged in creative play in the digital realm too ● Kids should be active creators of content rather than passive consumers of it -Who is this app for? The app aims to be the best first-introduction to time-tested stories for pre-school kids. It has been designed for kids upto 5 years of age. It has also been designed for use in teaching environments. -What does this app do? Draw Your Stories seeks to engage kids with a guided creative process. Kids are given the setting of a short meaningful story and are then asked to fill in the characters and components for the stories with their drawings. -How does this app benefit kids? The app offers all the benefits of creative play. Within the app, kids get an opportunity to ● Exercise freedom and experiment with vague drawing aids ● Imagine characters and components in the story ● Learn self-expression through their artistic inputs ● Converse with other kids as they view each others’ versions of the same story ● Practice their developing art and motor skills ● Engage up to 5 times more as compared to other means ● Understand valuable life lessons through moral-based stories ● Retain stories due to better engagement, personalization and easy repeatability -How is this app designed for kids? To make your kids’ experience with our app as seamless as possible we have incorporated several things in our design as follows- ● Full Screen Immersive Experience ● Reduced and Simple Controls ● Simple and Intuitive Drawing Controls ● Minimal Text as Pre-School Kids are just starting to learn to read ● Soothing Voice-Over ● Easy Repeatability ● No Annoying Pop-ups ● No False-Tap Generating Ads ● No Computer Jargon like Save, Undo, Redo etc. ● No Annoying Background Score ● Separation of Parent and Child Section in the app -Have something to share? If you have any trouble with the app or have any suggestions, please contact us at support AT panipurisoft.com Designed specifically and exclusively for the iPad


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Version: 1.3

Size: 118.69 MB


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Developed by PaniPuri Soft

Day of release: 2013-06-23

Recommended age: 4+

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