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Drive & Learn

Looking for that game that your child can't put down AND teaches them all at once? Well you just found it! Drive & Learn is an exciting and engaging ...

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Looking for that game that your child can't put down AND teaches them all at once? Well you just found it! Drive & Learn is an exciting and engaging driving game that teaches your child their colors, shapes, shapes AND colors together, and then how to discriminate between them all. Created by practicing Educational and Clinical Speech-Language Pathologists certified in Early Intervention and Pediatric therapy. The first rule in teaching children is to gain and maintain their attention. The second is to give them a 'funtastic' game that teaches them skills. That's why we created Drive & Learn and use it everyday with our own students and clients, who absolutely love playing it and never want to put it down. Parents are crazy for it too! Drive & Learn is already "Kid & Parent" Approved! Features: - 4 vehicles to choose from: Car / Motorcycle / Firetruck / Tractor - Teaches a variety of shapes: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Octagon, Diamond, Oval - Teaches colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Pink - Teaches discrimination: ex. Green-Square, Purple-Triangle, Red-Circle, etc. - 4 levels that start your child with the basic colors, then introduces shapes, and then combines the shape and color together. - Choose the number of shapes to work with. - Choose the game difficulty/speed: Normal, Medium, Hard - to suit your child's ability - Adjust your Percentage Correct and number of shapes/colors for your child to choose from. - 4 levels that alternate each time the game is played - so that the game can be played over and over with new shapes, colors, shapes & colors each time. - Player report tracks and stores correct and incorrect responses: Keep track of how well your child or student is doing. Perfect for teachers and therapists alike. - For the kids, after completing the level correctly, drive and have fun with the bonus driving at the end of the game. ABOUT SPEECH CONCEPTS Speech Concepts is an educational app development company created by practicing clinical and educational speech-language pathologists who are certified Early Intervention / Early Childhood, Pediatric & Adult Specialists - working with families who have children and adults with special needs such as Autism, PDD, Apraxia, Downs Syndrome, Language & Speech Delays, etc. We know what our clients, students and families need and want because we work with them each and everyday and we listen to THEIR needs. The children want to have fun . . . the parents want their children to learn . . . Drive & Learn combines them both! AAC Scroll & Speak - A next generation, patent pending AAC app & Time This! - a visual timer/voice output scheduling app were created because we listened to what our families needed . . . High quality apps, functional, easy to use and fun . . . just as Drive & Learn was created. www.speechappsstore.com


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