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“Special introductory pricing - buy before the price increase” As a race and performance driver coach, I`ve worked with thousands of drivers ...

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“Special introductory pricing - buy before the price increase” As a race and performance driver coach, I’ve worked with thousands of drivers who ask: “What do I do to go faster, be more consistent, feel the car more…?” The list goes on. Over the past 30 years I developed a database of answers to these questions, from my own experience as a driver and as a coach. This database has been stored in my head, or in my Speed Secrets books. But now they are in my Driver Coach app - available to you now. By looking through the list of problems and the solutions I’ve provided (over 200 solutions to 70 different performance and race driving problems), you’ll identify exactly what you need to work on and how to do it - to be faster, smoother, more consistent, make fewer errors, feel the car more, be safer… The Driver Coach app is the next best thing to having me there at the track, coaching you. In fact, I developed the Driver Coach to be there when I can't. It's a simple-to-use app that provides you with hundreds of specific strategies and tactics to improve your driving. And it works no matter what level of driver you are, from beginner to elite-level professional. Before you go back to the track and do the same things over and over again, expecting an improvement, take a moment to open up your Driver Coach and get a plan. It will give you that plan - the plan to help you make the change needed to improve. Drive with a plan. Ross Bentley Race driver, coach, author of Speed Secrets books The Driver Coach covers things such as: •Learning and perfecting the line •When to brake late, and how to get yourself to do so •Improving your corner exit speed •How to know when you should trail brake, and when not to •Keeping your focus/concentration •Improving your ability to sense the car’s limit •How to improve your shifting •Feeling the car’s balance •How to be better at race starts •Improving your confidence •Adapting to your car's handling problems •Making less errors •Improving your corner entry speed •Getting into the “zone” •How to attack a really fast corner •Over 100 of my Speed Secrets tips


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