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Drop the Wall

......... Do you want that your children to learn mathematics and multiplication table while amusing themselves? You want to improve your ability to ...

Discontinued App


......... Do you want that your children to learn mathematics and multiplication table while amusing themselves? You want to improve your ability to make calculations? ......... Play with Drop the Wall! You can will fun playing with with maths! ......... All math games are created equal: it be asked a question and it must be answered by clicking the right answer. ......... Drop the wall contrariwise, it works quite differently than other games. In the game, it must be answered to the questions using the numbers that go down into the screen and, if they are not sufficient, you must build an operation mathematic using the numbers present on screen. Don't worry, it's not hard, contrariwise it's very fun! We make an example: 5 x 8 must result 40, right? but if you don't want to answer 40, you can answer 21 plus 19, otherwise 80 / 2. choose the solution that you the prefer. If it is answered correctly, the used numbers will vanish with like circles of light, otherwise they will become black and they will not be able to use them anymore. If the numbers fill up the screen, the game will end and, even if you finish the level or not, you will be presented with the report card, just like in school! ......... It seems complicated? I can assure you it is not, and there is a interactive tutorial in which you will be guided step by step on how to play. At the end you will have a small examination, as if you were to school! As an extra incentive, The scoring system is weighted, so more complex your answer is the more points you get. Try and get the highest score locally, or if you wish challenge your friends and other internet user through Game Center. To make this more fun, there is a funny character called Fofo, that will help you on the way, keeping an eye on the time for you. And also the audience, who will cheer whenever you answer correctly but will be ready to mock you every time you fail. There are 5 levels of play (Basic, Easy, Hard, Infinity and multiplication tables), with increasing difficulty. The first level is designed for begin to having fun: 100 mathematical operations very very easy. The other 2 levels (Easy and Hard with 100 operations each) will require greater commitment and, believe me the Hard level is really difficult! the tier 4 (Infinity) to play for the sake of seeing how much you can endure: infinite operations for as long as you want it. In the level Multiplication Table,you choose which multiplication table you want to practice. Those who have tried the game said he was enthusiastic, and always looking to improve your score by using different mathematical solutions Once started to play, enjoy the fluidity of movements of numbers, the beauty of colours, animations of the characters, and you will grow to love Fofo, which will become your best friend to learn the wonderful discipline which is mathematics. If you like to the mathematics, trust me, You'll seriously become addicted to the game because you will always be improving with each match. And maybe even show your friends how good you have become.


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Version: 1.4

Size: 16.06 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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