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App store comment Aug 2nd: "............... At last someone who can really TEACH instead of just showing off! SO glad I found this guy!" NEW FREE VIDEO ...

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App store comment Aug 2nd: "............... At last someone who can really TEACH instead of just showing off! SO glad I found this guy!" NEW FREE VIDEO ADDED IN THIS UPDATE! - Just started drumming and worried that you might be developing some bad habits? - Are you a pro who just 'wants more'? - Are you a drum teacher who wants to make the complicated stuff really easy to learn? Drum secrets gives you all this - and more! 'Jazz Hound' said: Drum Secrets is a fantastic app both in terms of potential learning opportunities & the sheer amount of practical information. Drum Secrets contains: - 10 videos, professionally presented, giving expert demonstrations of the topics covered in a friendly and entertaining way. - PDF files supporting the videos (and giving extra secrets away) for you to download and keep. Even if you can't read music yet, there is a wealth of valuable info here. - Extended Mp3 files of all the backing tracks, plus extra versions at different speeds. Makes learning fun and easy! Free Hypnosis track on the website installs the learning at a DEEP level! Use it and you'll learn more securely and quickly than you have ever done before! Adam.S. Said: 3/3/2011 You will not only learn WHAT to practise, but more importantly HOW to practise.Thoroughly recommended! The Topics Covered: - Increase Stamina and comfort: Posture, Kit Set-up, Bass Drum Technique - Develop Speed and Strength: Stick Technique, Grip, Dynamic Control - Combine simple things and Sound Awesome: Coordination - Discover the hidden Funkiness of Rudiments! - Learn The Rudiment that CHANGES LIVES! - Fills Fills Fills! - The BIG secret to learning how to keep time! - MEGA-triplets! (And how to learn them!) - Subtle use of MEGGA-triplets! (Yes, it can be done!) - Become a ‘Jazz Drum-God’ with just three notes! - The Secret to developing fast bass drum doubles. - The Samba that teaches you a lot more than Samba! - Music came First - not the Paradiddle! - Awesome flam routines in three simple steps. - ...Then the REAL secrets! Sorry - not telling till you buy the app! Sam Brown is a professional player, teacher and renowned Drum-Guru based in the UK. After be- coming a Beeklee graduate in comercial aranging, he toured, gigged and recorded with artists from Imelda May to Gilad Atzmon. He has performed all over the world from Helsinki to Dubai and from village halls to Buckingham Palace. For the first time sam shares some of the secrets of learning how to learn. Get the psychology right and you'll start learning a whole lot faster! Available for a limited period at £1.49. Learn these secrets NOW before everybody else does.


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