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Welcome to the DrumCoach for Funk, HipHop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Disco & Electro! DrumCoach - the no. 1 for drummer! With this, you'll own them all. ...

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Welcome to the DrumCoach for Funk, HipHop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Disco & Electro! DrumCoach - the no. 1 for drummer! With this, you'll own them all. Powered by: Pearl, Paiste, Alesis, Numark, Agner Sticks, Drums&Percussion, DrumXound, drum4fun Here some votings: !! 5 stars from U.S. Modern Drummer Magazine + drumheads!! magazin. Review: U.S. Modern Drummer Magazine 4/2012: That's new and really good stuff for each drummer, teacher and pupils! The DrumCoach App offers more than 300 rhythms in top quality and more than 120 really good play-alongs. The app also includes the most importent background info for each featured genre, plus valuable tips on playing, tuning, and other topics. A metronome is provided as well. Reviews user: *****i love it***** *****very useful!***** The DrumCoach for maximized Drum Practice...that’s what it is! Our DrumCoach series of high quality inspirational and educational drum grooves and playalongs are created to help you, to take your playing to the next level! The DrumCoach vol. 2 features over 100 drum-rhythms and over 40 cool songs to groove with. For example from: R&B, Soul, Pop, Disco, Funk, P-Funk, Shuffle, New Orleans Funk, Elektro Funk, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Rap, Break Dance, Garage, Latin House, House, Hip House, Elektro House, Amen Break, Acid House, Dance Music, Break Beat, Two Step, Drum'n'Bass, Jungle und Techno.  And now with an Special of Flo Dauner (Drummer of Fanta4, Paul van Duyk. TV-Show: Voice Of Germany). You can simultaneously listen to a rhythm and see its notation - you can make a screenshot to print the notes. The i - Button will take you to the most important historic information, like roots and the most relevant artists in the genre. The other page takes you to the musical info, like song structure, instruments, beats and tempos.  Songs: This app contains over 40 exclusive songs (playalongs) composed to feature the main characteristics of the respective styles. The PlayAlongs were composed by contemporary top musicians like Flo Dauner, Yogi Jockusch (percussionist of musicals like Tarzan, ABBA, lion king) and Tobias Lange, germans most wanted arrangeur. Also for guitar and keyboard player it is very useful - you can jam to every style!  Further more you’ll find valuable tips for playing, basic information on drum set tuning for the respective style and the most important listen-to’s.  This app furthermore provides a metronome, to help you practise.  Highlights:  - multimedial learning,  - stylistically confident,  - move forward,  - have a lot of fun to play with the songs,  - duties to others,  - specialist contact person  - immediate access,  - pay one times and teach over years,  - specialist contact person


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