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Get Benny Greb`s first ‘Drumtrainer` on your iPhone and learn how to play the drums like the world legend drummer himself. Practice ...

Discontinued App


Get Benny Greb’s first ‘Drumtrainer’ on your iPhone and learn how to play the drums like the world legend drummer himself. Practice literally every possible Backbeat combination on your iPhone or iPod Touch! A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY DRUMMER. About Benny Greb’s ‘Drumtrainer | Backbeat 16th Note’ ‘Drumtrainer’ offers a series of iPhone/iPod Touch applications which introduces a whole new way to learn how to play the drums. This unique Benny Greb's ‘Drumtrainer | Backbeat 16th Note’ shows one music bar with 4 different drum patterns. If you tap on one of the patterns, you can zoom in on that pattern and change the hi-hat, snare, ghost-notes or bass drum patterns by sliding your finger over the screen. By doing this, you can make literally every possible combination of a basic Backbeat, pre-listen to it and play along. Every drummer - from beginner to advanced - will find millions of different drum pattern combination on his level. To guide you through all this exercises, Benny Greb himself selected 5 preset drum patterns with an increasing level of difficulty. Shake your iPhone/iPod Touch to loop through these presets and try to master them all. About Benny Greb Benny Greb began playing drums at the age of six years old. His drumming is full of musicality and finesse. It has style and defines today’s modern drumming. Over the last few years Benny has rightly achieved world class status and recognition in the drum community by touring globally, entertaining drummers worldwide with his clinics. The award winning ‘The Language of Drumming - A System For Musical Expression’ DVD was released in 2009 on the Hudson Music Label, showing his unique approach to drumming. It is one of the best selling educational DVD’s worldwide. More Drumtrainers Next to Benny Greb’s ‘Drumtrainer | Backbeat 16th Note’ you can find other Drumtrainer editions in the App Store. Check it out and keep yourself posted on www.drum-trainer.com.


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