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Get Rick Latham`s legendary drum book ‘Advanced Funk Studies` on your iPhone or iPod Touch now! A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY DRUMMER. About ...

Discontinued App


Get Rick Latham’s legendary drum book ‘Advanced Funk Studies’ on your iPhone or iPod Touch now! A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY DRUMMER. About Rick Latham’s ‘Drumtrainer | Advanced Funk Studies’ ‘Drumtrainer’ offers a series of iPhone/iPod Touch applications which introduces a whole new way to learn how to play the drums. With his ‘Drumtrainer | Advanced Funk Studies’, Rick Latham celebrates the 30th anniversary of his legendary drum method book 'Advanced Funk Studies'. On your screen, you see a music bar with 4 columns. Each column contains more than 50 different funk patterns from the legendary book. Sliding your finger over each column will give you more than 5 million different funk pattern combination (when in the book, only 74 funk patterns are listed). Press the play button to pre-listen your selected pattern, press the metronome button AND PLAY ALONG! About Rick Latham Rick Latham is among the rare breed of drummers that easily fits and moves within many musical styles and performing situations. Considered by many as the Guru of Contemporary Linear Drumming, Rick literally ‘wrote the book’ when he penned his classic ‘Advanced Funk Studies’ which Modern Drummer Magazine names among ‘The Top 25 Drum Books Ever Published’. This Drumtrainer Rick Latham Signature Edition marks the 30th Anniversary of his famous ‘Advanced Funk Studies’ book. It containes some of his favorite cool grooves. The unique interface of this app makes it possible to make MORE THAN 6.000.000 possible funk groove combinations! More Drumtrainers Next to Rick Latham’s ‘Drumtrainer | Advanced Funk Studies’ you can find other Drumtrainer editions in the App Store. Check it out and keep yourself posted on www.drum-trainer.com.


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