This application contains 105 Duas (prayers of supplication) with English and Arabic description and human voice recited in Arabic Features: 1. Search ...

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This application contains 105 Duas (prayers of supplication) with English and Arabic description and human voice recited in Arabic Features: 1. Search Dua 2. Add to favorites 3. English description 4. Arabic description 5. Voice file human voice recited in Arabic This App contains 105 Duwas with few listed below. (1) Supplication for ablution (2) Going to the mosque (3) Entering the mosque (4) Leaving the mosque (5) After the azan (6) After takbeer-e-tahreemah (7) While bowing in prayer (ruku) (8) Rising up from bowing position (9) Whilst in prostration (sajdah) (10) During prostration (sajda-e-tilawat) (11) Between two prostrations (12) First tashahud (13) During last tashahud (14) After turning in salutations (salaam) (15) Witr prayer (qunnutul witr) (16) Qunut-e-nazila (17) Asking for good of both the worlds (18) Seeking forgiveness (19) Asking for guidance (20) Seeking forgiveness of sins (21) For parents and all believers (22) In favour of parents (23) Increase in knowledge (24) During hard times (25) Seeking mercy (27) Seeking good for spouses and children (28) Asking forgiveness for the departed souls (29) Seeking guidance for gratefulness (30) Asking for righteous offspring (31) Seeking protection from unbelievers (32) During times of grief sorrow (33) Supplication of istighfar (forgiveness) (34) Syed-ul-istighfar (35) The words which make supplications acceptable (36) Supplication of repentence (37) At daybreak (38) Said in the morning (39) As the day rises (40) Said in the evening (41) While going to bed (42) Upon fear during sleep (43) On waking up (44) To the newly wed couple (45) During wedding night (47) Greetings and hadshakes (48) Entering into home (49) Going out of home (50) Before starting meals (51) After finishing meals (52) In favour of the host (53) While drinking milk (54) When wearing a garment (57) While sending off a guest (58) While riding (59) During travel (60) To be recited at place of stay during travel (61) While entering into the market (62) On the happy ending of a righteous deed (63) On the adverse ending of a task (64) Seeking love of Allah (65) For remaining steadfast in Islam (66) Seeking guidance (67) Asking for paradise (68) Seeking safety of family and wealth (69) Asking for honour and position (70) Asking for health and safety (71) Seeking protection from decline of favours (72) Seeking protection from poverty and disgrace (73) Seeking protection from mishaps and unforeseen death (74) Aspiring for death is forbidden (75) Seeking enlargement of sustenance (76) For clearance of debts (79) Seeking ease in all works (80) Seeking protection from misfortunes (82) Seeking protection from hardships ...


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Day of release: 2012-11-2

Recommended age: 4+

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