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E-3 Magazine devoted to the international SAP Community

E-3 Magazine: The independent e-zine devoted to the international SAP community. E-3 is an independent community magazine focused on people who already ...

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E-3 Magazine: The independent e-zine devoted to the international SAP community. E-3 is an independent community magazine focused on people who already use SAP software or plan to implement SAP Business One, SAP All-in-One, SAP ERP or SAP Business Suite and who are keen to broaden their information base. Written for managers, team and project leaders, IT specialists and general users, E-3 offers articles, reviews and comment on trends, products, services and strategies all specifically related to SAP. E-3’s publisher B4Bmedia.net AG has existed for ten years. By producing an English-language electronic version, E-3 Magazine has not only made the leap onto the iPad, but also onto the international stage. Anyone who is familiar with SAP software knows that it involves a comprehensive view of business management tasks. Our strength lies in compiling texts, photos and videos so that the SAP Community receives information on an ongoing basis. We are not native English speakers. But we know the SAP Community like nobody else: We have personal contact with the SAP management board on a regular basis. Our Editor-in-Chief customized the R/3 modules FI, CO and AM. He studied computer science and knows how SOA, NetWeaver and SolMan works. We have hundreds of friends in the SAP Community that are all helping us to produce an exciting and instructive magazine. E-3 is a special-interest magazine devoted to SAP software and related topics. It's a scene-zine covering business and technical solutions in today's SAP marketplace. E-3 articles add to and expand on the information supplied by SAP itself. Its ultimate goal is to help readers achieve greater success with ERP, Business Suite, Enterprise Service Repository, NetWeaver, Business ByDesign, Sybase, BuisnessObjects etc. – individually, business-wise and technically. Our task is to help educate the international SAP Community. We want to bring technical and business management information on SAP to all its customers. Not every customer has the opportunity to travel to SAP events, such as Sapphire and SAP TechEd, but every SAP customer does have access to the Apple iTunes Store. From January 2011, the SAP Community will find a new issue of the E-3 Magazine there every month. We will report on the international SAP scene from our vantage point close to SAP's Walldorf headquarters. - We research, write and translate the magazine in Munich, Germany. Adobe is helping us with production and has included us in the ramp-up to its new publishing software launch. E-3 aims to cover the whole of the value-adding chain in companies, because this is the biggest challenge for the future. The information it delivers enhances competent and successful use of the integrated standard software ERP or NetWeaver in building efficient extended enterprises. E-3 provides the map to explore the world of SAP. E-3 targets all kinds of user, from IT beginners to computer center supervisors. E-3 offers something for everyone in clear language, deliberately avoiding tech speak. Detailed research, conducted by skilled journalists and analysts, offers new insights for end-users and experts alike. Lively and accurate journalism gives readers broad knowledge and new insights into R/3 Enterprise; ERP, Business Suite, NetWeaver, BusinessObjects or Sybase and its working environment. Education is guaranteed by the engagement of our partners from the open SAP community in financial matters and matters of content. We thank all members of the international SAP community and look forward to further critical and constructive collaboration and the sustained financing of this education.


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