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“The E&Minator is an elegant and intuitive app for healthcare professionals who know how to, or are learning how to, document any clinical evaluation ...

Discontinued App


“The E&Minator is an elegant and intuitive app for healthcare professionals who know how to, or are learning how to, document any clinical evaluation and management encounter -- from a history and physical to a simple progress note. It ensures a compliance correct methodology is used to create documentation that will support the correct E&M code for any patient encounter.” But this is not E&Minator, this is E&Minator Lite. E&Minator sells for $35. E&Minator Lite doesn’t sell for anything. It’s free. So LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. But here is what this free app will give you. •Fully functional calculators for time/code conversions that include: Time Based Coding, Critical Care Coding, and Prolonged Service Coding. They are EXACTLY what you get in E&Minator. (So you can get something for “nothing.” Our gift to you. Knock yourself out.) •A functional “lite” version of E&Minator so you can get the actual feel of the app, (to decide for yourself if you like it well enough to shuck out 35 bucks). You can use it free, that’s right, FREE, for all your patients -- IF, (and that’s a big “if”), you only code for Established Home Services patients. In other words, if you only see patients on home visits, and you never see a new patient in this setting, this is truly your lucky day. Congratulations! It’s like you just won the lottery. Let us know and we’ll send our E&Minator Lucky Lottery Winner Truck to find you on a home visit and we’ll get a picture of you with a big E&Minator Winner! sign. Maybe you can get your patient to hold the sign so you can throw both hands up into the air in celebration. But what you WON’T get is the opportunity to use the E&Minator Risk Based CodingTM algorithm for New Home Services Patients; Domiciliary, Rest Home Estab./New Patients; Initial or Subsequent Nursing Facility Patients; Hospital Observation Patients; ER Patients; Initial or Subsequent Hospital Care Patients; or New or Established Office Patients. Not without buying the E&Minator “heavy” app! You also won’t get the ability to download our in-app purchases for specialty system exams that are being released shortly. (Psychiatry is already available and will be followed by all 10 approved specialty exams.) We think when you see how slick and easy this app works, sorry… how “elegant and intuitive” E&Minator is, you’ll decide you didn’t know how much you needed E&Minator in your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. We know people resist spending more than $1.99 on an app. After all, for a lot less money, you could get 35 apps that may involve upset birds in a variety of venues. But those are games. And your practice is not a game. And it’s not a bird that’s upset in your practice. But if you’re an angry doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, or any clinician who is angry that you’re being forced to do coding that you don’t understand, don’t WANT to understand, and really just want to be left alone; this is the one app that will help make you less angry with coding. E&Minator is perfect for clinicians who don’t want to know anything about coding but want to ensure correct reimbursement, save their time, and NEVER fear an auditor again. But it is $35. However, for our users who run our app for HOURS a day, (it’s true!), it’s an absolute bargain regardless if you handwrite, dictate, or interface with an EMR to do your clinical documentation. Now you don’t have to take our word on faith alone before you click “purchase.” You can download E&Minator Lite for FREE to take it on a test drive -- OK, a test drive to the home of an established patient for a house call, but a test drive nonetheless.


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Version: 1.1

Size: 6.79 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Healthcare Value, Inc.

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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