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With this free app you can collect e-mail addresses of your (potential) customers for e-mail marketing campaigns. E-mail Collector features an easy to ...

Discontinued App


With this free app you can collect e-mail addresses of your (potential) customers for e-mail marketing campaigns. E-mail Collector features an easy to use frontend, which gives clients or prospects the possibility to enter their e-mail address, accompanied by their (company) name and other details if you wish. Thanks to the password protected administration panel you can keep track of the results and change the appearance of the frontend screen so it corresponds with your corporate identity. Internet marketeers all around the world know that maintaining a mailing list of your clients is very valuable. It gives you the possibility to send them (personalized) e-mailings featuring your latest products, offers, tips and company news. These regular digital mailings support the good relationship with your customers, resulting in more sales and ‘top of mind’ awareness within your target group. The money is in the list! As generally known, it’s much easier to retain existing customers than finding new clients. E-mail Collector helps you to do just that. E-mail Collector is designed for display on a prominent spot in your store or company. Any physical location where customers spend time is a suitable position. Place the iPad in a holder on the counter of your store and ask your customers to enter their e-mail address, perhaps in exchange for a discount or free product. This app is suited for retail stores, restaurants, sports clubs, car dealerships, hotels and other companies. E-mail Collector lets you change the appearance of the screen to make it suit your corporate identity. Set your own logo, text, background image(s) or YouTube video. You can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, text animations, wallpapers and slideshow transitions to make your E-mail Collector really stand out. Using one account you can create as many profiles as you wish. If you have multiple iPads in your company, you can give each of them a different screen design. iPads running E-mail Collector can be managed remotely using the online administration panel. On the signup screen a sound is played to let you and the user know whether a new e-mail entry was successful or has failed. It’s possible to activate opt-in confirmation so the user receives an e-mail first before the entered e-mail address is accepted. On top of that E-mail Collector comes in multiple languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Dutch. By doing so this app is suited for (international) fairs and events as well. Once your iPad has access to wireless internet, the collected e-mail addresses and settings are synchronized using encrypted SSL data transfer and safely stored in the cloud. E-mail Collector is designed to work offline as well, for example if you don’t have Wi-Fi access in your guest area. In that case you can take the iPad to a Wi-Fi spot to synchronize the data with the E-mail Collector server. E-mail Collector can be activated immediately. Download the app, install it and create a free account on the E-mail Collector website (www.emailcollector-app.com). After that you can start capturing e-mail addresses. If you wish to export the collected e-mail addresses to a CSV spreadsheet file (to import the data into Excel or a mailing program for example), you need a paid account. You can convert your free account into a paid account at any time. When registering or upgrading your account you can choose to buy an iPad and/or holder. By doing so you can choose to have E-mail Collector as a complete solution, from hardware to software! If you need help, you can contact our customer support. Send your questions or feedback to support@emailcollector-app.com.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 18.05 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Whirlwind Internet

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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