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EC-SUI for iPad

Overview: The EC-SUI is an iOS app designed to provide an easy to use, interface for building services engineers and other building occupants. The app ...

Discontinued App

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Overview: The EC-SUI is an iOS app designed to provide an easy to use, interface for building services engineers and other building occupants. The app works in conjunction with a .jar file installed on any EC-BOS or EC-Net Supervisor. The key benefit, apart from the high quality intuitive multi-touch interface, is the saving in engineering time - setting up the EC-SUI is much simpler than conventional NiagaraAX graphics. The EC-SUI app works on iPhones and iPads. The iPad version has two modes of operation; Engineering views and User views. At its simplest the iPhone version offers a “zero engineering” solution as the NiagaraAX .jar file auto-discovers all the data points, schedules, histories and alarms within the EC-Net or EC-BOS station and makes them available in the app. Applications: The EC-SUI (Simple User Interface) is ideal for a wide range of user interface applications in buildings, and as an engineering tool for Systems Integrators to improve their productivity. A Pro Tools option includes extra features to aid commissioning, enabling a commissioning engineer to walk around a site exercising plant items to then report them as working or not. The EC-SUI app allows such reports to be emailed directly from the IPad. In multi-site applications (e.g. a retail chain) both the iPad and iPhone versions use the GPS in IOS to re-order the site list according to proximity, so the nearest site displays first in the list. EC-SUI is licensed according to the size of the project using data point “bundles” which include a number of widgets, schedules and other features. The User Views mode is designed for wall-mounting applications in buildings; a range of mounting bezels and frames are available to facilitate this, enabling an iPad to be securely mounted. A library or navigation icons is included, as is a library of “widgets” which represent items being monitored and/or controlled such as luminaires, heating, A/C units, sun blinds etc. There is also a Web widget which enables the display of any URL. Feature & Benefits: •Very intuitive user interface for monitoring and controlling buildings •Designed for use with EC-Net and EC-BOS using .jar file with auto-discovery •Reduces engineering time required to create a supervisory interface •“Zero engineering” for simple list views •Easy to configure user views with comprehensive icon and widget libraries •Can display Hx graphics, web content and IP camera streams •Pro Tools option for commissioning applications •Can use as many client apps as required •Fast response even over slow internet connections - only transmitting data


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4.1

Size: 343.01 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Distech Controls SAS

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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