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The BlueStar E-Discovery Toolkit is a useful application for attorneys, paralegals, litigation support staff, and clients who need more information about ...

Discontinued App


The BlueStar E-Discovery Toolkit is a useful application for attorneys, paralegals, litigation support staff, and clients who need more information about common processing, review and production questions. As a service to our current and prospective clients, we have put together a tool that provides valuable reference resources to give clients an idea how much their eDiscovery may cost and how long the process may take. Along with a glossary of terms and a handy data-to-documents/pages conversion calculator, the application is an essential tool for the e-Discovery practitioner. Conversion Table Ever have a client ask, “How many emails are in a gigabyte of data?” Need to find out how many pages are contained in a terabyte of electronic documents? The Conversion Table will give you an estimate of how many documents or pages may be found in a user defined amount of data. Broken down by common email and document formats, the user can easily estimate how much data they have in a tangible measurement – by the number of documents or pages. Cost Estimator E-Discovery and the costs associated with it are a large portion of client’s litigation spend. Using industry averages, BlueStar has created a Cost Estimator to give clients an idea how much a user defined amount of data or number of documents for review could cost to deal with in litigation. Enter the number of gigabytes of data to process or the number of documents to review and the Cost Estimator will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of litigation spend for these necessary services. Please note: If an official quote for services is needed, clients can contact BlueStar directly for a competitive rate with unrivaled customer service and support. Time Estimator Planning to do a document review on a large E-Discovery matter, but don’t know how long it will take to process the data for review? Need to give the general counsel for your client an estimate of how long a document review may take in your case? BlueStar has come up with a handy tool to estimate how long the processing and review steps may take in your litigation. We even have an estimator to let you know how long it can take to scan your hardcopy into electronic documents. Just enter the amount of gigabytes, documents to review, or boxes needed to scan and the Time Estimator tool gives you an idea when you can expect to have these processes completed. Glossary E-Discovery terminology and jargon can be perplexing to paralegals, attorneys, and litigation support staff. The glossary feature provides definitions for most common E-Discovery related terms via a quickly accessible interface. Info Want to learn more about how BlueStar Case Solutions, Inc. can help you or your clients? Feel free to browse our BlueStar brochure or contact us for further information.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 1.41 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Bluestar Computer Solutions, INC

Day of release: 2010-12-22

Recommended age: 4+

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