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*** Introductory Sale!!! save 50% - For less than the price of the average magazine, you can have access to over 60,000 videos from over 335 universities ...

Discontinued App


*** Introductory Sale!!! save 50% - For less than the price of the average magazine, you can have access to over 60,000 videos from over 335 universities in the palm of your hands! Are you currently a college student? Maybe you are a parent to a college student? Perhaps you're still in high school and want to check out what multiple universities have to offer? Built on the same framework as our popular Vlogger apps, and with constantly updated video feeds from YouTube EDU, this app is your most convenient connection to a fast growing list of colleges and universities worldwide. Featuring everything from tech talks to lectures to special event coverage to general university information - this app brings the power of YouTube EDU into a sleek mobile format, and includes: * Constantly updated list of over 335 university's video channels. * Over 60,000 videos, automatically updated with the latest additions for each channel, as soon as they are available. * A convenient and alphabetized list of all available universities to make finding your current, favorite, or prospective university very easy. * A search bar for each individual university's video content to quickly narrow results down to search terms you are interested in. * Full YouTube community integration. Optionally, login with your YouTube account information to rate videos, comment, favorite, or subscribe so that your mobile findings will always be available on your YouTube account. * Built in education search to allow you to search for particular keywords anywhere in the "Education" category on YouTube, expanding the total number of available videos into the hundreds of thousands. * A developer blog view to stay in touch with the latest updates planned for this application, and a more apps view to stay up to date with the latest from GeekUtils. * A contact page for the developers. This is an ongoing project and we welcome your feature suggestions and additions and look forward to talking to you! This is the *ultimate* application for educational video content. Whether you are a current university student, a high school college prospect, a professor, or a parent - this is the most convenient way to stay up to date with what's happening in the world of University education. This application has been designed to work best on WiFi or 3G carriers. As with any video intensive application - EDGE and 3G will work fine, but does not provide the most responsive viewing experience. For the best overall experience and highest quality video, please use WiFi. IMPORTANT: This application directly displays YouTube video feeds and videos. YouTube makes videos available in listings before they are actually playable on mobile devices. If a video is not immediately playable, please be patient - as soon as YouTube finishes processing the video WILL play. DISCLAIMER: This application has been designed to give you an easy way to browse public content YouTube EDU via a sleek mobile condensed view. GeekUtils is not responsible for views, opinions, or affiliations expressed within the public content in this app. GeekUtils is in no way affiliated with YouTube EDU.


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