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The E-LQ English Reading Comprehension Assessment is a test of English-reading ability designed to be administered to both native and non-native students ...

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The E-LQ English Reading Comprehension Assessment is a test of English-reading ability designed to be administered to both native and non-native students (ESL or EFL students) who are studying English. The assessment provides a system to assess student English-reading ability and monitor progress in English-reading comprehension so growth can be monitored and instruction can be adjusted appropriately. The MBT(Mobile Based Test) version of E-LQ Assessment is identical, in terms of content, to the traditional PBT(Paper Based Test) and CBT(Computer Based Test) form of E-LQ Assessment but differs to the PBT and CBT method of administration in that it is not restricted by the limitations of time and place. With a network connection and a mobile devise, you can take the E-LQ test and instantly get your Lexile measure, wherever you are located, throughout the world. This is the first in the world to provide a reading assessment optimized in a mobile environment. About E-LQ English Reading Comprehension Assessment 1. E-LQ Assessment is developed by MetaMetrics®, developer of the Lexile® Framework for Reading, in conjunction with Natmal® Co. Ltd., Lexical Data-Processing Research Institute. 2. E-LQ Assessment scientifically evaluates the English reading ability of the reader, and reports a Lexile measure. 3. E-LQ Assessment includes reading passages in 4 content areas: Literature, Art & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. 4. E-LQ Assessment reports Lexile measures to serve the purpose of targeting reading for students at an appropriately challenging level. 5. E-LQ Assessment is administered in 5 different levels of difficulty: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Post-Intermediate, and Advanced Level. 6. E-LQ Assessment is open to a wide range of applicants from elementary school students up to university students and the general public. What is a Lexile Measure? 1. A Lexile measure is a measure of reader ability and text complexity, both reported on the Lexile scale, a developmental scale that can be used to monitor reading growth over time. 2. Thus, there are two kinds Lexile measures: the Lexile reader measure and the Lexile text measure. Because both measures are reported on the Lexile scale, these measures can be used to forecast expected reading comprehension of specific texts. 3. Lexile measures are the most widely used reading metric in the U.S. and around the world. 4. Lexile measures are also reported in popular English proficiency tests such as the TOEFL iBT® test, the TOEFL® Junior™ test or Scholastic Reading Inventory™ (SRI). 5. More information about Lexile measure can be found at www.lexile.com


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