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While learning a language our Vocabulary of a particular language is the most important thing that needs to be mastered. This is particularly true if ...

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While learning a language our Vocabulary of a particular language is the most important thing that needs to be mastered. This is particularly true if we are preparing for big ESL tests like TOEFL, IELTS or FCE. Only thorough study and development of your Vocabulary can give right results. “ESL Expert: English Vocabulary” is planned by professional teachers and equipped with an exhaustive list of over 9700 important words which are strategically distributed in 20 Topics. Now you do not need to worry anymore, just take up “ESL Expert : English Vocabulary” and you will be all set to take any ESL Exam head on! 20 Strategically Planned Topics: ============================================= - Psychology - Conversation - Human Behavior - Politics - Expressions - Personality & Mood - Health - Entertainment - Finance - Business - Religion - Nature - Sports - Travel & History - Nutrition & Fitness - Conflicts & Negatives 1 - Conflicts & Negatives 2 - Descriptive Words - Verbs, Adverbs & Adjectives 1 - Verbs, Adverbs & Adjectives 2 Quiz Mode ============================================= First use the Study Mode to browse through and learn the most important words in English Language Once you feel ready enough you can use the Quiz Mode to test yourself. Quiz mode features over 3300 Questions which will test your vocabulary skills in a multifaceted pattern. * Detailed Test Results: Comprehensive overview is presented at the end of every test. It shows the total Time Taken to complete the test, the Score and the Grid of all the questions specifying if they were answered correctly or incorrectly or if they were skipped. * Progress Chart: The app smartly keeps the track of all your Progress as you appear and re-appear the Practice Chapters as well as the main “Vocabulary Test”. You can use the Progress chart to re-attempt all the incorrectly answered or skipped questions. Once the progress graph on the Practice Chapters display 100%, you must know that you are ready to appear the main “Vocabulary Test” Complete English Dictionary ============================================= As a Bonus the App features a Complete English Dictionary with over 176,300 words with detailed meanings. Use it to quickly refer any word in English Language Favorites ============================================= The Favorites feature provides the ability to easily bookmark the words so that you can quickly refer them anytime you need. Share on Facebook and Twitter ============================================= The app features an innovative way to study together with you friends by Challenging them to appear the exact questions set that you have appeared. At the end of the "Vocabulary Test" mode you will be provided with an option to challenge your friends. Login with your facebook account and Tap the "Challenge a Friend" button to select the list of friends. As your friends complete the challenges, you can track the scores on the Score board.


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